"Gerbiling at the Show"

The 5th Annual NE Gerbil Show sponsored by the American Gerbil Society (AGS)  was held on May 20, 2006 in Nashua, NH. Here is what happened at the show according to my gerbils Speedy and  Digger.

American Gerbil Society's 5th Annual Midwest Gerbil Show
May 20, 2006 Nashua, NH

"Gerbiling at the Show"

Before the Show

Speedy and Digger are gerbil reporters for the "Daily Seed". A weekly newspaper for gerbils. The newspaper motto: "A newspaper that you can read and then shred."  They got wind of the gerbil show in New Hampshire and decided that covering the show would be a great idea.

Since they didn't know what to expect, they asked Putnam and Thurston about their show experience.

Putnam: It was about 2 years ago. Bro and I were just pups in this tank with all our littermates. We we having a blast with all the people around looking at us and telling us how cute we were. We didn't notice much about other activities but we did notice other gerbils in tiny tanks being carried around.  This one lady person kept coming back and looking at us. We wanted to go home with her. She looked like a gerbil person. So we did our best cute act and won.  Does that sound sound right T?

Thurston: Yep.

Speedy: Thanks you two for your insght into the show.

Putnam: No problem. Anytime. See you on patrol at Halloween.

Speedy: You bet. We have to show Digger the ropes.


Day of the Show

Speedy and Digger showed their press passes and entered the show. The first thing they saw was a curtain with people behind picking up and holding gerbils. They went to a tank on the floor with gerbils in it.

Speedy: Hi! What is going on? Are you excited to be at the show? 

Black Gerbil:  You bet I am! I have been waiting all year for this show.  I will be competing. My name is Hope.  Mom said that we have to go through this health inspection as a double precaution to be sure we don't have any bugs.  We know we are healthy but they have to check us out.

Digger: Good Luck!  See you inside.

Hope:  OK.

Speedy and Digger walked into the room. It was full of tables with human stuff to sell to other humans. There were many gerbils plus something called an exotics zoo. They saw rats, hamsters, rabbit, sugar gliders and two guinea pigs. They wanted to talk to the hamster.

Hamster: No comment. I don't talk to gerbils. I want to go home. There aren't any other hamsters here.

Speedy: Gumpy isn't he?

Digger: Ignore him. Oh look! Pictures of Degus. They look like big gerbils.

Speedy: Cool.

They walked around and saw lots of gerbils, gerbil toys and the stuff that humans made to sell to other humans. They were attracted to the weird looking wooden gerbil house.

Digger: Lookee! Those are so cool. I want to chew on it. Can I? Can I?

Speedy: It is tempting but you know we can't. Maybe we buy one later.

Digger: With what? We have no money. Gerbils don't need money. We can get mommy to get us one.

Speedy: Good idea....Let's keep walking. Look! Just like Putnam described. Lots of gerbils in small cages on a table. That does not look like fun at all. I hope that is not their home. Let's to go talk to a couple of them.

Digger: ok.

Speedy and Digger come up to a beautiful Siamese and Burmese gerbil.

Speedy: Hello.

Siamese and Burmese: Hello.

Speedy: How are you liking the Show?

Burmese: We are excited being chosen to compete. This is our first show. Our owner chose us out 30 to compete. It is bummer that we have to be in this small container but that is price you pay for competing. We will be back to our big tank home soon.

Siamese Gerbil: Same here.

Digger: Do both of you have a name?

Burmese: Not yet. We haven't been adopted yet. I have a secret. Want me to tell you?

Digger & Speedy: Yeah!!

Burmese: (Stroking her tummy) I'm pregnant. I am going to be a mommy soon.

Digger: Cool! Who is the daddy?

Burmese: The siamese right next to me.

Speedy: I noticed that these humans dressed in all white come around and pick you up and look at you. Have they done that yet?

Siamese:  They were just here a few minutes ago. They are judges. They know lots of stuff about us probably more than we do. They liked my friend better than me. They mentioned about me not having the correct coat color or something and I have "buck teeth". Whatever that means.

Digger: So apparantly, that means coat color plays a big part for this show.

Siamese: Yep.

Burmese: I heard that another Siamese and a Burmese won 1st and 3rd in our category but I  think I'm prettier than that other gerbil.

Siamese: Same here.

Burmese: If you want to see the coolest gerbil at the show, go talk to Tag. He is a Mottled Burmese. So pretty. Also, go see Sweet Hope. She has a beautiful black coat. Hardly a white hair on her. I envy her.

Speedy: Hey. Thanks for talking with us. I hope you get adopted.

Burmese: So do I. Not having a name is a bummer.

Speedy and Digger are having a great time talking to many gerbils. They never knew know many people love their gerbils or even liked them.

Speedy: We are lucky to have a mommy who loves us.

Digger: Mommy is great. Spoils us rotten.

Speedy and Digger stop for a lunch break with a Canadian gerbil family. The pups recently just opened their eyes and crawled all around them. It was a little crowded in coconut but the food and company was wonderful.

Speedy: Look! There's Tag! TAG!!

Tag: Speedy. Good to see you. Is this Digger? I heard you got a new partner.

Speedy: Yep. Still very young.

Digger: I am a big girl now. 5 months old!

Speedy: Tag, How did you do it? Best in Show. A big nut in your bowl.

Tag: It was so easy. Start by being a great representative or your class- having a great coat, structure, tail tuft, bright eyes, and  beautiful face! Then, the secret to winning is just be cool. Be very friendly. No squirming. No nipping when the judges handle you. They love that. 

Digger: I don't know if I can do that.

Tag: You are still very young Digger. You will learn and maybe someday you can win Best in Show.

Digger: Really? Cool.

Speedy: Thanks for chatting with us Tag. Catcha later.

Tag: Later dudes!

Digger: I see Sweet Hope but she is surrounded by those other gerbil reporters. We can't get to her. She is so pretty. Oh...Look! They have the Gerbil Olympics running. Let's go check it out.

Speedy and Digger go over to the table where the Gerbil Olympics are being held. A nice lady told them that they were more than welcome to compete. Speedy and Digger entered into the chewing contest. Digger entered into the cuteness contest. Mom always told her that she was cute. Speedy called mom over to show them how to sit on a shoulder properly.

Cuteness: It was a contest betweeen Digger and this little 5-6 week old pup named Skunk. Digger tried her bestest cutest pose. No contest. Younger cute gerbils always wins.

There were quite a few for the chewing contest. It was an easy one. Chew up a paper cup. The judge told them ready, set, go! We are off! Speedy and Digger started like gangbusters. One had a late start and another was just not interested. They kept looking at the others. Speedy's is almost done. Speedy won by a whisker. Mom always said that Speedy was the best paper chewer around.

There were no other shoulder sitters so Speedy won hands down but still showed off. All the pups went OHHH and AHHH.

The last stop was at the merchandise table. The clothes, hats and the other human stuff didn't interest them but all the gerbil toys did. They couldn't resist. They had lots of fun running in and out of the hard cardboard  tubes; tried to drink out of empty water bottles; they ran on the wheels that were for sale. Mom bought them some toys and headed home.

The show was ending and Speedy and Digger got into their carriers so mom can take them home.

Speedy: That was so much fun!

Digger: Yeah. We got to come back again.

Speedy. I agree. I heard there is one coming up in October but mom said she isn't sure whether or not we can go.

Digger: I hope so. At least there is time that I can work on my cuteness.




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Created on 26 May 2006, Characters and pictures shown are the property of the American Gerbil Society.