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 3rd Annual Mid-Winter Small Animal Show & 4-H Invitational
Saturday, February 10, 2007

Given by the Better Bunny & Small Animal 4-H Club, American Chinchilla Fanciers, and American Rodent Federation

Including an American Gerbil Society sanctioned show

This show is sponsored by the groups listed above but will include a sanctioned American Gerbil Society Show judged by Donna Anastasi (NE). Points earned at this show will count toward championships and breeder certificates, but there will be no Best in Show or Best Opposite Sex ribbons awarded.

NJ Midwinter Show Feb 2007 Results
Judged by Donna Anastasi
Show Secretary on site: Libby Hanna

1st 2 yr old Argente M shown by Judi & Emily Poirier of Mass.
2nd 2 yr old PEW M shown by Emily & Judi
*** FF's Luie Patuie CHAMPION**
3rd 1.5 yr old Gray Agouti F shown by Emily & Judi

1st 3.5 yr old CPS Spot M shown by Libby Hanna of Mass.
*** SRG's Thunderbolt-CHAMPION**
BOS 1 yr LCPN F shown by Libby
2nd 2 yr old Dove Spot M shown by Emily & Judi
**** FF's Evil Mutant Ninja Chipmunk- CHAMPION**
3rd 5 month old Mot Black M shown by Emily & Judi

Note: **Due to this being a limited show judged by only one judge, there were no overall Best in Show nor Best of Opp. Sex winners at this show. HOWEVER we do have three new AGS Champions who have certainly earned their Championship points after many miles and many shows! Congrats to our new 7th, 8th, and 9th crowned Champions in AGS history:

7. FF's Luie Patuie - PEW M
Shown by Emily and Judi Poirer of Mass.
Bred by Kecia Santerre of Furry Flowers in NH

8. FF's Evil Mutant Ninja Chipmunk - Dove Spot M
Shown by Emily and Judi Poirer of Mass.
Bred by Kecia Santerre of Furry Flowers in NH

9. SRG's Thunderbolt -CPS M
Shown by Libby Hannah of Mass.
Bred by Donna Anastasi of ABC Gerbils in NH

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