2012 Midatlantic Show American Gerbil Society (AGS) Gerbil Show

January 27-28, 2012
Timonium, Maryland

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Midatlantic Show Thanks

Before the show becomes just a distant fond memory, let me take a moment to thank everyone who was involved, because we can't do a show without everyone: judges, participants, health inspectors, show secretaries, and
all the family and friends who pitch in to help. So thanks to judges Donna, Rebecca W., and KJ Johnson, show secretaries Jo Kelley and Rebecca Azer (and all those who doubled on health inspection); Mary Zoccola and Cathy Bickel who served as "ground crew" for our many boxes and bags of supplies and merchandise (and the trash can!); and Amy Paben who supported the show behind the scenes with current membership lists and support for the fiscal end of things. Bill Ward did another splendid job acting as emcee and providing general trouble-shooting, and CeCe Ward stepped up to help organize a crowd-attracting stream of fun pet class events. Our two new Sarahs (T and K) and their moms were in the thick of things and our new young members made a great showing. Bill Kemp and Rebecca Shannon put in hours of time manning the front desk, organizing merchandise, and providing "security" to shoo away pleasant but trespassing visitors who wandered into the judging area at the wrong times. Craig and Dale cheered us on and provided excellent stories at dinner! As always, it is a team effort and everyone's participation made it great. The quality of the animals in the show was amazing, and KJ's pup-petting tank was one of the most popular events at the Expo.

It was, I think, the most successful Midatlantic Show to date and it has begun to feel very smooth and easy to pull off this show with everyone's help. I kept saying, "This seems too easy, I must have forgotten something important" - but if I did forget something, someone else remembered! All I can say to you is if you didn't come this year, come next year! And if you did come this year, come back! See you at the New England Show - can't wait!


PS It goes without saying that I hope I didn't miss anyone! If I did, I AM SORRY!

Get pumped for the New England show!

I had such a good time at the Mid Atlantic show this year. You (anyone) can join the AGS Members on Facebook group to see some pictures that I and others took. The general public has warmed up to the idea of a gerbil show and many people
stopped to chat or just watch the judging or tanks of gerbil cuteness. I was so impressed with how everyone pitched in. All I needed to do was judge. The many, many pet activities throughout the day including contests, races, and scupting
were popular as well as the gerbil pup petting tank which always seemed to have a line. Who would have thought there'd be a day when the public would stand in line to pet gerbils?

I was quite and pleasently surprised at the very high quality of the entries, only because this is a smaller show. It took a long time to sort out the ribbons. Picking the best in show from the best of the best felt nearly
impossible. Contrats to Libby and her spotted blue girl and Jo and her dove boy for taking top honors.

Given the high competition, preparedness for the show was often the deciding factor. Gerbils with staining or needing a dust bath lost that critical 1/2 point in this one. The gerbils needed to be in top shape and happy to be handled
and re-handled as the long day wore on.

I'm already making my New England show picks, and getting them on a strick diet and exercise regime, as well as weekly tank cleaning with dust bath. Everyone is getting a bath before this show for sure.

My proudest moment from the show was when I read the comment card for my gerbil Crystal. I love this gerbil, she is absolutely lovely and has a sweet gentle spirit to match her good looks. Problem is she had seizures when she was
overwhelmed as a pup and mostly but not totally outgrew it. I've really been working with her after being disqualified at the Midwest show. She hangs out with me, visits with people who come to the gerbil room, and the morning of the
show CC Ward helped me by holding her lots. Anyways the comment on her card read: "Very soft and friendly" - nice job Crystal :-)

Anyway, hope people are as excited as I am about the New England show. It is Saturday May 19th (with setup and gerbil crafts Friday night May 18th) at the Nashua Holiday Inn. I'm looking for ideas for activities from people who want to
bring the supplies, setup, and run the event. Just speak with me or show co-coordinator Libby. Hope to see you there. Donna

ABC Gerbils

Results of Gerbil Show

Midatlantic 2012 Report
Posted by:   Jo
Monday February 13, 2012

1st 10 wk CPN M shown by Donna Anastasi of ABC Gerbils (NH)
BOS 9 wk Mot Black F -- Donna
2nd 11 wk Burmese Spot M shown by Bill Kemp of Kung Fu Gerbils (MA)
3rd 13 wk Siamese F shown by Libby Hanna of Shawsheen River Gerbils (MA)

SELF (Males)
1st 1 yr Dove Male --BWC's ABC's So Totally Izod "Izzy"
******Shown by Jo Kelley of Black Wolf Clan Gerbils (KY)*
********Bred by Donna Anastasi of ABC Gerbils (NH)***********

2nd 1 yr SN M BWC's Jace
******************CHAMPIONSHIP EARNED*****************
**Shown and Bred by Jo Kelley of Black Wolf Clan Gerbils (KY)

3rd 1 yr Nutmeg M -- Jo
Honorable Mention 5 mo Blue M shown by Katie Johnson of Moonstone Gerbils (MA)

SELF (Females)
1st 1 yr PEW F -- Donna
2nd 1 yr Blue F -- Libby
3rd 6 mo Nutmeg F -- Donna

1st 1 yr Grey Agouti F -- BWC's SRG's Teslin "Tessa"
******************CHAMPIONSHIP EARNED************************
******Shown by Jo Kelley of Black Wolf Clan Gerbils (KY)*****
******Bred by Libby Hanna of Shawsheen River Gerbils (MA)***

2nd 1 yr PF M --- Jo
3rd 4 mo Argente F -- Bill

CP (Males)
1st 1.5 yr Burmese M -- Parade's Vinny
******************CHAMPIONSHIP EARNED********************
********Shown and bred by Rebecca Azer of Gerbil Parade (MA)

2nd 3 yr Siamese M -- KJ
3rd 2 yr Siamese M Rebecca A

CP (Females)
1st 6 mo Siamese F shown by Cathy Bickel of Gerbil Collective (MD)
2nd 1 yr Burmese F shown by Sarah Terpning of Sunshine Gerbils (PA)
3rd 1 yr Burmese F shown by Sarah Kaden of (NJ)

1st 1 yr Blue Spot F --- SRG's Svetlana
***************BEST OF OPP SEX********************************
******Shown and Bred by Libby Hanna of Shawsheen River Gerbils (MA)*

2nd 2 yr Burmese spot F -- Cathy
3rd 2 yr Grey agouti spot M shown by Rebecca Ward of Rebecca Ward Gerbils (VA)

1st 1 yr RES M --KJ
BOS 2 yr Silver Point F --
2nd 1.5 yr Schimmel M Rebecca W
3rd 1 yr HC M --KJ

1st 1.5 yr Pied Burmese M Rebecca A
BOS 2 yr Pied Burmese F Rebecca A
2nd 1 yr Pied Agouti M -- Rebecca A
3rd 6 mo Pied Black M -- Jo

1st 2 yr Mot Black M -- MS's Spraypaint
*******CHAMPIONSHIP EARNED***************************************
****Shown and bred by Katie Johnson of Moonstone Gerbils (MA)**

BOS 1 yr Mot black F -- MS's Marble
*******CHAMPIONSHIP EARNED**********************************
****Shown and bred by Katie Johnson of Moonstone Gerbils (MA)**

2nd 2 yr Mot black F Rebecca A
3rd 3.5 yr Mot black M -- Libby

BWC's ABC's So Totally Izod "Izzy" -- 1 year old Dove Male
Shown by Jo Kelley of Black Wolf Clan Gerbils (KY)
Bred by Donna Anastasi of ABC Gerbils (NH)