2011 Midwest American Gerbil Society (AGS) Gerbil Show

Omaha Nebraska, October 15, 2011

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Omaha.com | Omaha.com October 13 2011 | Ralston Recorder

AGS Member Comments on the Show

It's awesome to be back from the Show. I'm very proud of Titan, Goldenrod, and Marble. They had some strong competition at the show, which is always exciting. This was also my first show as a probationary judge, and I learned a lot. Thank you Libby, Amy and Kaylee for being such great teachers. It was great to see everyone! Its a shame we had to bail out early, but we did make good time getting back home. All the gerbils are safely back in their cages! 10-17-2011 KJ

Had a wonderful time, it was great to see everyone & the gerbils were awesome as always! -Amy 10/17/2011

We had a wonderful show in Omaha, beautifully executed by Michele and Cory. A hundred beautiful gerbils and lots of old and new friends. Off to the airport and back to the kennel! -Libby 10/16/2011

Im still traveling south east so I ll post the results when I get settled again at my winter home! right now im in Missouri. As always, it takes EVERYONE to support our shows..from Libby and Amy flying in to judge, to local support from our show coordinators Cory and Michele and our local Judge Kylee, to those who drove cross country with all the NE gerbils on a LONG overnight haul back and forth cross country (thank you so much Rebecca and KJ!). Thank you also to Linette and Dani and patrick and diane.....as always everyone pitches in from health inspections and moving tanks, to judging (and training new judges) to those who manned the desk, helped us clean up, man the front desk and greet the public and our ?three? reporters!!!!  And of course to Judi and Donna who could not join us but sent some competition" anyway!!! Hope I didnt miss anyone! See yall at the NE show!! -J   10/17/2011

Gerbil Show Pictures & Videos

Best in Show Results | Gerbil Chewing | Becca practicing for Gerbil Races | Judging in Progress | Baby Gerbil Fun

Diane's Show Pictures

Results of Gerbil Show

MW Show- Omaha Neb-- October 15, 2011-Results

PUP Males
1st 9 wk Grey Agouti M shown Jo Kelley of Black Wolf Clan Gerbils (KY/MT)
2nd 8 wk Agouti M shown by Donna Anastasi of ABC Gerbils (NH)
3rd 9 wk DEH spot M -- Jo

PUP Females
1st 9 wk Agouti F -- Jo
2nd 11 wk REW F shown by Cory Hoover of C and J Kennels (NE)
3rd 9 wk Black F -- Jo

SELF Silver Nutmeg
1st 9 mo SN M – Jo
******************************BEST IN SHOW BWC's JACE****************************

***********************Shown and Bred by Jo Kelley of BWC Gerbils (KY/MT)***************
2nd 1.5 yr SN M – Jo
*************CHAMPIONSHIP EARNED—BWC'S SPUR OF THE MOMENT*****************
***********************Shown and Bred by Jo Kelley of BWC Gerbils (KY/MT)***************
3rd 6 mo SN F -- Cory

SELF Nutmegs
1st 6 mo Nutmeg M shown by Kylee Karre of Twin Squeaks (NE)
2nd 6 mo Nutmeg F -- Donna
3rd 1.5 Nutmeg F shown by Libby Hanna of Shawsheen River Gerbils (MA)

SELF OTHER (not SN or Nutmeg)
1st 9 mo Dove M -- Jo
2nd 9 mo Lilac M shown by Diane Nott of Heavenly Heart Gerbilry (OH)
3rd 6 mo REW F -- cory

1st 9 mo Polar Fox M -- Jo
BOS 1 yr Grey Agouti F -- Libby
2nd 1.5 yr DEH M shown by Katie "KJ" Johnson of Moonstone Gerbils (MA)
3rd 6 mo DEH F -- Donna

CP Burmese
1st 1.5 yr Burmese M shown by Rebecca Azer of Gerbil Parade (MA)
2nd 1 yr Burmese M -- Donna
3rd 6 mo Burmese M -- KJ

CP Other (Not Burmese)
1st 1.5 yr Siamese M -- Rebecca
BOS 9 mo CPN F shown by Michele Rush of Double Star Kennels (NE)
**********BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX – DSG's ABC'S CLARISSA*****************************
**********SHOWN BY MICHELE RUSH OF DSG KENNELS (NE)***************************
**********BRED BY DONNA ANASTASI OF ABC GERBILS (NH)*****************
2nd 2.5 yr Siamese M -- KJ
3rd 1 yr CPS M shown by Linette Stephenson of Racing Horse Gerbils (MI)
Honorable Mention -- 6 mo CPN M -- Michele

1st 1 yr Schimmel M -- Michele
2nd 1 yr RES M -- KJ
3rd 1.5 yr Schimmel F -- Libby

1st 1 yr Red Fox Spot M shown by Patrick and Dani Marshall of Lots of Love Kennels (KS)
BOS 6 mo YF Spot F -- Cory
2nd 2.5 yr YF spot – Patrick and Dani
3rd 1.5 yr Nutmeg spot -- Kylee

1st 1.5 yr Pied Burmese M -- Rebecca
2nd 1 yr Agouti Pied M -- Michele
3rd 6 mo black pied M -- Jo

1st 9 mo Mot black M -- KJ
BOS 1 yr Mot Black F - KJ
2nd 1 yr Mot Black F -- Donna
3rd 9 mo Mot Black F -- Michele

1st 2.5 Mot Black M – KJ
**********************CHAMPIONSHIP EARNED -- MS TITAN***************************
****************SHOWN BY KJ OF MOONSTONE GERBILS (MA)*************************
2nd 2.5 yr Red Fox M – Rebecca
*****************SHOWN BY REBECCA AZER OF GERBIL PARADE (MA)***************
***************BRED BY DONNA ANASTASI OF ABC GERBILS (NH)********************
3rd 2.5 yr Yellow Fox M -- Diane

BWC's Jace-9 mo old Silver Nutmeg Male
Bred and shown by Jo Kelley of Black Wolf Clan Gerbils (KY/MT)

DSG's ABC's Clarissa-9 mo old CPN Female
Shown by Michele Rush of DSG (NE) and Bred by Donna Anastasi of ABC Gerbils (NH)

BWC's SPUR OF THE MOMENT-1.5 yr Silver Nutmeg Male
Bred and shown by Jo Kelley of Black Wolf Clan Gerbils (KY/MT)

MS Titan—2.5 yr Mot Black Male
Shown by Katie "KJ" Johnson of Moonstone Gerbils (MA)

Parades ABC's Pumpkin Patch – 2.5 yr Red Fox Male
Shown by Rebecca Azer of Gerbil Parade (MA) and Bred by Donna Anastasi of ABC Gerbils (NH)

BWC's Keepsake "Keegan"-Silver Nutmeg Male
Bred and Shown by Jo Kelley of BWC's Gerbils (KY/MT)

Offspring of Keegan that earned championships and led to Keegans Grand Championship:
BWC's Kyle-Nutmeg Spot M
Squeaks' BWC's Koren-Black M
BWC's Spur of the Moment-SN Male

**All Gerbils above bred by Jo Kelley of BWC Gerbils (KY/MT) and shown by Jo Kelley or
Kylee Karre of Twin Squeaks (NE)**


To Michele Rush of DSG Gerbils (NE) for PIED and MOTTLED earned in May 2011

**A breeder's color certificate is awarded when a member has earned
15 or more points showing in one color (ie, siamese, lilac….) under
at least two different judges at two or more shows.


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