2007 Midwest Amercian Gerbil Society (AGS) Gerbil Show

Omaha, Nebraska, October 13, 2007

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Show Report by Jo.

Hi Everyone,
The show was great-my gerbils and I had a lot of fun! So many ppl contribute to running the show and helping out or bringing items
in.....a really huge thank you needs to be sent out to EVERYONE! When you put all the efforts together, we have a really fun time and
another good show. Michele and Cory did the preshow coordinating-got the hotel, room arrangements and health inspection area prep, got
the resturant and press coverage going. Libby flew in w/ her hamtrack stuff and her and donna helped w/ setup. Donna also came
prepared for the petclass judging! Dani came in w/ lots of goodies like the gerbil cakes, snacks, and donations for the pet class. (and
cute hedgie babies) Ruth brought in all the merchandise, health inspection and judges gear and bingo prizes. Kylee brought in
some more fun stuff just in case we got bored (??) but we ran out of time instead :( And thank you everyone for just pitching in
everywhere where needed like jason and cory who helped w/ the front table and tana and mark for hauling gear to and from the show that
was overflowing in the first car!

I also want to thank EVERYONE for checking in Friday night! It was really nice to have all the gerbils checked in early-much less to
worry about for the health inspection crew and me on Sat morning.

Of course the AGS show was great-I believe everyone who brought gerbils to show placed in at least one class and we had a very good
turnout-consistent w/ our past MW shows as far as kennel attendance.

The pet class this year was for the members to enter their own gerbils......some were in both the AGS show and pet class, and some
just came along as companions or to enter the pet classes only. I have been wanting to participate in the chewing contest for a long
time since I keep hearing about the NE Shows! I entered Zodi in singles and Dallas and Silver in the pairs competition. IT was very
exciting and the crowd really got into it too. Both Zodi and Dallas and Silver won their separate classses. I hope Libby got a write
up of whom the other participants were! I know Kylees new girls, Tori and Grace joined in! And cory did too.

Next we had the dust bath competition. However, all of the gerbils seemed to be confused about the large metal bowls we gave them...they
werent sure how to get IN them either. Im sure that at home in their own regular dust bath housing they are true champs, but the new
environment left them w/ performance anxiety.

Next we had the combined classes of "friendliest gerbil, best shoulder sitter, and most cuddliest/sweetest gerbil". I borrowed
Michele to enter Silver in this class, but I dont think he performed well at all for her. I brought Ryan, my red fox male in and he was
wonderful. There were some tense limbo moments for some participants keeping gerbils on shoulders but everyone did very
well. I know Kylee also entered but not sure which gerbil or who else was entered? Did you enter Cory? Ribbons were given out for
best shoulder sitter (Ryan), cutest and cuddliest (KYlee??) and for friendliest gerbil.

The big wrap up was the hamtrack races....we had three contestants entered and it seemed that our early Favorite, Cory's newly adopted gerbil from BWC "Show ME" was going to be wiped out by a come from behind entry. Show Me had been Showing off (change her name cory?) all day Sat and Fri night rolling in her ball all over the carpeted floor in the show room. She had intimidated much of the competition from entering by showing how easily she could roll all over at speed.

During the races, it looked like another entry was going to win and leave her in the dust, then Show Me suddenly roared to life and came
almost to the finish line, only to roll BACK to the starting gate. Then she reversed and rolled easily past all competition to win! I think she was again just showing off and wanted to run "laps" around her competition by going BACK To the starting line. Or perhaps she was confusing them by getting them to roll back to the starting line too!

All in all I loved the petclass and look fwd to an AGS members section again!

Dinner and bingo were also a lot of fun as usual.....lots of thumping and laughing and very good food.

I also have to mention, this hotel (EXCEPT For the FREEZING POOL) was much better than we have had before...it was VERY quiet where I was-
NO soccer team) and I liked the breakfast nook too. We didnt have to get in the rain either to reach our rooms.

Congrats Kelly on your Best in Show win and everyone else on a great job w/ your ribbons. I adopted a neat lil Polar Fox from Kelly and
two DEH/HC girls that I am looking fwd to breeding-so thank you again for the great gerbils too Kelly!

And thank you very much Kylee for loaning out your famous groom w/ the white belly so we could whisk him off on his arranged marriage.

All for now......

BWC gerbils

Results of Gerbil Show

Midwest Show 2007 Report
Posted by:  
Mon Oct 15, 2007 12:16 am (PST)

AGS Midwest Show Oct 2007 Results

1st 6 wk old Burmese M – Kelly Johnson of Garden of Eden Gerbils (WI)
2nd 11 wk old Agouti F – Cory Hoover of C & J Kennels (NE)
3rd 9 wk old Silver Schimmel- Cory

PUP - Self
1st 12 wk old Red Fox M – Jo Kelley of Black Wolf Clan (MO)
******* JUDGE'S CHOICE AWARD***************
2nd 8 wk old Silver Point F- Kelly
3rd 10 wk Silver Nutmeg F- Cory

1st 2 yr old Nutmeg M- Kylee Dickey of Twin Squeaks (NE)
2nd 1 yr Silver Nutmeg M- Dani & Patrick Lawrence of Lots of Love
3rd 1 yr RESN M – Dani & Patrick

1st 1 yr DEH M - Kylee
2nd 10 mo old Grey Agouti M - Kelly
3rd 6 mo Agouti F - Jo

1st 6 mo Honey Cream M- Kelly
*******BEST IN SHOW OVERALL CHAMPION*****************
2nd 6 mo Champagne F - Jo
3rd 4 mo HC F - Kelly

1st 6 mo Silver Nutmeg Spot F – Jo
*********BEST OF OPP SEX - RESERVE CHAMPION************
2nd 1 yr Nutmeg Spot M - Kelly
3rd 6 mo DEH Spot F - Kelly

1st 1.5 yr Pied Agouti M – Katie McQueen of Pocafiki Gerbils (OK)
****** People's Choice Award 2nd place*******************
2nd 1.5 yr Pied Agouti F – Ruth Divine of Ruth's Refuge (MO)
3rd 1.5 yr Pied Black F - Katie

1st 1 yr Mottled Black F – Tana & Mark Lyman of The Little Rascals(MO)
BOS 1 yr Mottled Black M - Kylee
2nd 1 yr Mot Burmese M - Kylee
*********People's Choice Award 3rd Place*******************
3rd 8 mo old Mot Bur M - Kelly

1st 6 mo old Siamese M - Kelly
2nd 1 yr CPS F - Kelly
3rd 1 yr Siamese M – Tana & Mark

*******BEST IN SHOW OVERALL CHAMPION*****************
Bred and Shown by Kelly Johnson- GEG'S MARSHMALLOW

*********BEST OF OPP SEX - RESERVE CHAMPION************
Bred and Shown by Jo Kelley - BWC'S KADENCE "KADEN"

BWC' RDG'S RYAN –Shown by Jo

1st 6 mo Mottled Lilac F- BWC's Choctaw shown by Jo
2nd 1.5 yr Pied Agouti M – PFG's Dory –Bred and Shown by Katie
3rd 1 yr Mot Burmese M – Squeaks' BWC's Mike shown by Kylee

If anyone has any AGS Show Photos or links, Email me.



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