July 6, 2004 - September 7, 2008

Only now I can write something up on our little Buddy. Buddy was our first boy. We took to him right away with his sweet temperament. He was introduced to his senior girlfriend Honeybear. He doted over her for months until she passed on. Then Buddy got two young male pups to care for. He was a good daddy in the past. He was a wonderful dad/uncle to Spot and Little Bear. Taught them everything about being gerbils. Buddy died of old age on September 6, 2008. Lived to be over 4 years old. Please take a look a his pictures and his achievement. His greatest was winning our hearts.

Pictures and his story here. | Photo Tribute


December 28, 2006 - November 11, 2008

We got Zoey on February 3rd, 2007. Only 6 weeks old. A baby! Zoey's new buddy was Trixie. They were split caged for a short time. They became buddies on February 18, 2007. By evening, they were bonded. Trixie was the older gerbil so she became "the boss". Trixie really took to little Zoey. Teaching everything there is to know about being a gerbil. She became such a sweetheart. They did everything together. Even drinking from the water bottle. Zoey developed a lump on her ear around  February 2008. I didn't notice until May. Zoey being so black I didn't see it. We took her into the vet and had the lump laser removed in July 2008. It was sent to a lab and it came back as a malignant melanoma. Soon after Buddy died, Zoey I think sensed that I was depressed and crawled up under my chin and "gerbil cuddled" for a short time. That touched me. No other gerbil has purposely positioned itself under my chin. I think the cancer spread ti the rest of Zoey's body. On July 22nd, I found her in the morning cold and listless. An X-ray showed a mass on her abdomen. Zoey died an hour later from the vet. Sweet dreams little girl. You are missed.

Zoey's Photo Tribute | Trixie and Zoey


December 8, 2005 - July 22, 2008

Trixie came to be with us on September 12, 2006. She was only a few months old. She became buddy to Digger. After Digger passed on, Trixie was paired up with a new female pup named Zoey on February 4, 2007. They grew very close. Trixie taught Zoey everything about being a gerbil. Zoey developed cancer and passed before her second birthday. Trixie was alone on her third birthday December 8, 2008. Since now Trixie was our senior gerbil, she could be paired up with a boy. She was paired up with a PEW we named Bud on January 6, 2009. Bud doted over Trixie for months.Trixie loved to come out and play. She loved crawling all over us especially our shoulders. She loved to run around on the sofa chair with Steve. Trixie developed a bump on her belly in the beginning of May. At the gerbil show, I got the call that the bump burst open. Now it is was an open wound. We had a sample taken and sent to a lab, it was cancer. She was given medicine twice a day, neosporin, and stuff to keep the wound clean. I did this everyday until she passed on. Over that time, Trixie and I developed  a very close bond. Anytime I took her out, I petted her in my hand until she purred. She loved to be petted. After the treatment, I let her run around on me as a reward for being a good girl. July 20th, Trixie started to go downhill fast. She developed pneumonia because of her weakened immune system. She didn't have hardly any quality of life. That Sunday, she slept in a pouch on lap for over an hour. That is how close we became. Trixie started clicking on Wedneday, July 21, 2009. We knew it was time. I cried hard. I missed her so much. I still do. Please take some time and look at her photo tribute from the day I got her.

Photo Tribute | Trixie and Digger | Trixie & Zoey