May 2004 - 20 April 2007

Digger was bought with 2 other gerbils probably all from the same litter. They were named Spot, Honeybear and Digger. They were purchase by my BF's neice in about July of 2004. Spot died in early 2006. August 26 ,2006, Digger and Honeybear became my gerbils. Bethany was going to college and could not care for them anymore. They are lightened spotted nutmegs. They became healthy happy gerbils. Digger started declining in April 2007. She had teeth and jaw problems. She could not chew or eat properly. We gave her soft foods for awhile. We did get her teeth clipped but it didn't work. She knew it was time to go. She died the following day in April 20th. I think it might have been genetic teeth and jaw problems. She was a beautiful gerbil and lived a long gerbil life. 3 years old is a long time for a gerbil. Especially a store gerbil. The picture above is the last picture I took of Digger.


May 2004- 20 November 2007

Honeybear's story is basically the same as Digger's. After Digger passed on, she was paired up with a retired breeder Schimmel named Buddy. After a week of split caging, they were as close as two gerbils can be. Buddy doted over Honeybear. Honeybear showed Buddy howto run in a wheel. In April/May 2007, Honeybear developed a limp on her side. It disappeared in May. She became our 'miracle gerbil'.  Honeybear started having more problems in November 2007. She breathing became extremly labored. She was medicine but it didn't help. We made the hard choice on November 20, 2007. She died peacefully that morning. A very long life for a petstore gerbil. She was a sweetheart of a gerbil.


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