12 January 2006 - 30 January 2007

Digger was perfectly healthy until about a month ago when she bloated up badly. She went to the emergencvy room. They were able to drain her. She felt lots better.A couple days later, we went to see her regular vet. He said the Digger has an ovarian cyst. He also said to enjoy her for as long as we have her.

Digger was an extremly special gerbil. She was buddies to Speedy and Trixie. Her gerbil color is spotted agouti. We got Digger when she was only 8 weeks old. Very friendly from the start. A shoulder sitter from the beginning. I have kept her journal since the day we got her. There are pictures there also. It even got to the point where I could carry her from room to room. She loved it. We gave Digger lots and lots of extra attention in the last month before she died as we knew that her time was limited. She is with Speedy now. No more pain.

There was this one cute moment on January 26 ,2007: Digger was drinking from her water bottle. Trixie decided that she was thirsty also. So for a short time, they were both drinking from the same water bottle. So cute. Never saw that before.


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