November 2002 - 09 September 2006

Dagger was a rescue gerbil with her buddy Cloak.  She was a beautiful black gerbil.  She was Cloak's lifelong companion. Probably littermates. They have been together since they were pups. She was a gentle soul. Dagger became the friendlest gerbil after Cloak died. She was perfectly happy being by herself. We took her out to her playpen everyday. It was her game that when we put put her back in her cage, she came jumping back out onto my hand to crawl all over me and my lap. She would do this about 2 or 3 times. This was her game. She was a little nippy sometimes.  Her death was sudden. Friday night she was fine and in the morning she must have had a stroke. She was basically in a coma. Breathing but she noticed nothing around her. She will be missed - Diane


                 The last picture shown is the last picture I took of Dagger. She was the rare gerbil that liked being my herself.