Speedy was one of my first two gerbils. She was a beautiful little thing.  All grey with ruby eyes. She was Gimpy's and Digger's lifelong companions. Speedy and Gimpy were together until Gimpy passed on and then she was paired with Digger.  Speedy was a very special gerbil.  Speedy had a special trick. When she was fed good food and felt happy, she would move the top of the wheel with her front paws. She did not like to be held much but she like to climb onto my shoulder.  Speedy taught Digger everything there was about being a gerbil.  Speedy loved to rn in wheels like a maniac in her younger days.  Speedy loved to be petted.  She got sick over Labor Day weekend. Steve and I took her into the emergency vet about 1:0am Saturday morning on the 2nd.  We and the vet didn't think she would make it. The vet got her a shot of Baytril and 2 hours on oxygen. We got her home about 3:30am. We watched her constantly the rest ofthe night and Saturday. Speedy is a fighter. She started getting better by Sunday and was feeling almost her normal self  Wednesday.  Even the vet said she was doing good. She took a turn for the worst on the 7th. She fought until she died. She wanted to live so bad.  I would never think that a little gerbil could fill my heart so. You are in peace now. Wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge little one. - Diane