November 2002 - 25 July 2006

Cloak was a rescue gerbil with her buddy Dagger.  She was a beautiful nutmeg gerbil.  She was Dagger's lifelong companion. They have been together since they were pups. She was a gentle soul. She was my purring gerbil. She always wanted to come out. She was a little nippy sometimes. She loved to climb onto my shoulder. She was also a chronic bar chewer. She started having respiratory problems a couple of weeks ago. I thought i killed it.  I don't think she ever quite over it. Her breathing became extremely labored  last night on the 24th. She took her last breath a little after 8:00am EST on the 25th. Wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge little one. - Diane


                 The last picture is the last one I took of Cloak and Dagger eating together last night on the 24th. Sharing some oats. Soon after, Cloak took a turn for the worst.