Little Tiny

This is Tiny's story. Tiny was born on or around February 15, 2005. He was the smallest. Always being picked on. His siblings buried him for lack of food. One day (March 26, 2005) someone came and took everyone to this neat new home where there was plenty of food. There wasn't enough room so all but 2 brothers stayed with him. The rest went to a new home. Shortly they all started squabbling over space. Tiny got a new pad with his own home, toys, wheel, water and plenty of food. Tiny is now the happiest little mouse. His eyes are open and growing fast. His other 2 brothers couldn't stay but they found new homes also. He looks just like his dad; a red eyed albino. Mom was white and gray with black eyes. Tiny died Thursday, May 19, 2005. He was a happy little mouse. He will be missed. He is now at the Rainbow Bridge.More Picures of Tiny.


I found out recently that another brother of Frankie and Tiny has passed on to the Rainbow Bridge. Curly passed on a few days after Christmas. He was being cared for by a local rat rescue. He was fine the day before and sometime during the night, he passed on. RIP little guy. You are now with your other brothers and sisters who also passed on. He had brothers and sisters that were being care for at Things That Squeak. They are all products of Pet Store Mice.(02/07/2006)


Little Frankie passed on January 10, 2007. He declined very rapidly during the day. It must have been cancer as he was just skin and bone. I had to put him to sleep. He was the must friendly little mouse. I held him daily. He loved to be petter. In his younger days, he loved his wheel. The day before he died he gave one last jaunt in his wheel. Just before the vet took him. He stood up in my hand and gave one final squeak. You will be missed. little one You are now with all your siblings and your mom and dad. He was almost 2 years old. Not bad for a little inbred store mouse. More pictures. Frankie's Journal.

Mice are small Wonders,
Tiny toes, tiny tongue,
Soft coat, Innocent eyes,
Love in the palm of my hand.


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