I posted this question to the AGS group and this is what I got. If you wish to contribute to the list, email me.

Pete and Guthrie are thankful for organic blueberries and raw veggies! And that "Mommy and Daddy" love them so much.

Button is thankful to have a loving safe home.

Ben is thankful for mommy getting him out of that noisy pet store and he has someone who loves him very much.

Mine are thankful for the boxes and toilet paper tubes they get every day, and the big hunk of driftwood I put in their tank yesterday. They've been climbing all over that thing. :)

Sunflower seeds and ecobedding, and lots and lots and lots of chew tubes!

TP tubes, hamballs, time on my shoulders, long naps in a puddle.

Created 12 November 2009
Updated: 17 November 2009