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Frank's story is almost the same as Tiny. Born about 15 February 2005. This is Tiny's brother. He is not a runt. He is a little introverted. Frank went to stay with this nice lady for awhile. After hearing Tiny died, he wanted to go back home. He did.  Frank has his own pad with toys, wheel, water and plenty of food.  Frank looks like his mom.  He came back 23 May 2005.  More Pictures of Frankie.

He now loves to be scratched behind the ear and begs for his Cheerio in the morning. (11/01/2005)

06/20/2006: Frankie has developed a small hole behind his left ear from constant scratching. We have been twice daily putting on hydrogen proxiode and  stuf that the vet prescribed. I thikn this all coame about from an allergy to aspen. He is now on Carefresh and loves it. I can hold him while my SO puts on his medication. He didn't come begging for his Cheerio this morning but still took it. He is eating fine.

08/06/2006: Frankie has lost most of his left ear. His scratching has become better since his trip to the vet last Tuesday. Still a happy and very active little mouse. Like to sit in my hand and be petted.

08/08/2006: The Hydrocortizone stopped working so now we are using Desitin. Frankie has "moist dermatitis". Someone on the Mouse yahoo group suggested using Desitin and so far it is workng. He even started eating better. Even the swelling in his eye has gone down. He is taking an antibotic Baytril.One drop a day for 10 days.

09/28/2006: He is doing better. His hot spot/moist dermatitis is just about healed. His eyes are healing nicely. I think it was combination of everything that we did for him. I think the best help was clipping the sharp points of his nails on his back feet. He still itches but with less damage. He has a checkup with the vet today. 10 days ago she gave him a small shot of ivermectin just in case. He is gaining some of his weight back.

10/11/2006: Frankie has been doing much better. I added more toys for him to do. He has been good. He still scratches but otherwise he is running in his wheel and eating and gaining mousie weight.

01/10/2007: He has since been switched from a cage to a tank. He loves the tank. He was doing fine up until this morning. He was cold to the touch. He is clicking and having a hard time breating. I held him to warm him up. It helped. After about 20 minutes, I put him back in his home. A few minutes later, he wanted back in his bowl bowl. He was hungry. He drunk very little water. He is fighting. Checking in on him at lunchtime.

See his tribute on my Blog..

Mice are small Wonders,
Tiny toes, tiny tongue,
Soft coat, Innocent eyes,
Love in the palm of my hand.

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