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Posted by: "Chris Vrba"

Fri Dec 8, 2006 8:25 am (PST)

Just a heads-up for any breeder who is playing "Santa's Helper" and has pups going to new homes as "surprise" Christmas presents....

"Gerry Sparkle," the CEO (Chief Elf Operator) of Santa's gerbil kennel (HoHo Gerbil Kennel) has forwarded a letter to me to pass on to good little girls and boys.

He says to remind everyone that Christmas Day can be a pretty loud and chaotic time, and wanted to be sure that "Santa's Christmas Gerbils" don't get overly stressed by all the activity. I re-formatted his note and am attaching the text of it here. (When I get home and have access to the website, I'll put it up there in Word format for download - I can't get to Yahoogroups from work.) While it won't replace a good book on gerbil care, and is written to be given along with the AGS pamphlet, it will add a bit of magic to the present. :)

I wanted to make a Christmas version of the official AGS pamphlet, but I cannot figure out how to edit the document... drat. Hence the letter. :)

Hope it's useful!

Best wishes,

Gerry Sparkle, aka Chris of Autumnglory Gerbils

HoHo Gerbil Kennel
123 Christmas Lane
Santa’s Workshop, Top-of-the-World
North Pole, North Pole 01000

Dear (Enter Name Here),

Greetings from the North Pole! My name is Gerry Sparkles, and I am the elf in charge of HoHo Gerbil Kennel, where all of Santa’s Christmas Gerbils come from. Since you’re now the lucky owner of a clan of Santa’s Christmas Gerbils, I wanted to send this note along with them to help you care for your new pets properly this holiday season.

First of all, let me tell you a little bit about the care your gerbils are used to receiving. All of Santa’s gerbils live in tanks or cages with a little house and plenty of cage bedding to dig in. They are given fresh water every day, even though their bottles may still look full – after all, who would want to drink water that’s been sitting around for more than a day? We also give them lots of cardboard to chew – they love the rolls inside toilet paper and paper towels, for example.

While the North Pole is a pretty busy place, especially at this time of year, we try to keep the gerbil kennel quiet. Gerbils can hear much better than people or elves can, and loud noises and lots of crazy activity makes them nervous. Since there may be a lot of noise or activity at your house on Christmas day, it’s best if your mom or dad puts the gerbils in a quiet room with the door closed so that they can get used to their new home. After all, your house looks, sounds, and smells very different from what they’re used to! Go in to visit them a few times during the day, maybe with a little treat – a carrot stick, a wedge of apple, a few sunflower seeds – but give them some time to settle in before taking them out to play.

You’ve probably received a book on gerbil care along with your new pets. Be sure to read it! You can even read it aloud to your gerbils, since gerbils love to be read to. (They especially love hearing about heroic gerbils, mice, rats, and other rodents as a bedtime story!) Reading a good gerbil book or two will make you an expert gerbil keeper in no time! I have attached a copy of the American Gerbil Society pamphlet with this letter to get you started, since you may be too busy to sit down and read a whole book today.

Take good care of your new little friends – they’re special little critters! Remember, if you want your Christmas Gerbils to be good friends to you, you need to be a good friend to your gerbils. Have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year, too!

Gerry Sparkle , C.E.O (Chief Elf Operator) of HoHo Gerbil Kennels
~Chris and the Magic Critter Clan




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