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Meet Simone and Mona

Simone came to me on December 1, 2007 with Spot. They were young pups 5 weeks old. They were goingto be paired up with my denior gerbil Buddy. We assumed that both these pups were boys. Simon ended being Simone. So now Simone had to have a new friend. That is where Mona came into the picture. Simone is a Spotted Siamese and Mona is a beautiful Burmese. Buddy took to these new kids right away. He was a retired breeder. So he fathered lots of kids and knew how to take care of them. Simone has recently (2/2008) developed allergies to the Carefresh bedding. She has a little red nose. So we changed the bedding to Aspen. Within a day, the redness has gone down.



Page Created on 17 Decemberl 2007
Updated: 25 February 2008