Jerbo Día de los Muertos (Gerbil Day of the Dead)

November 2, 2005

Background music by Berlioz's "Symphony Fantastique", Songe D'Une Nuit De Sabbat - Dies Irae & Ronde Du Sabbat


Día de los Muertos is a Mexican Spanish holiday celebrating the dead. This is a special day that the dead can come back to visit and talk with their loved ones. The host of this story is Rodizo. Our Favorite Argentina Nutmeg gerbil.

Attendees: Rodizo, Speedy, Gimpy, Bacchus, Dionysus, Putnam, Thurston and a bunch of other gerbil friends.

Rodizo: Hola! my friends. It is great to see you. I haven't seen some of you since our little job at the airport. First, let me introduce my girlfriend Ninive.

Ninive walks up and sits next to Rodizo.

Ninive: (in small petite voice) Hola.

Thurston: Rodizo, she is so beautiful. What are her colors?

Rodizo: LC Agouti.

Thurston: OOH!

Rodizo: This is a day of celebration. Not only with friends and family but also to those that are at the Rainbow Bridge. This Dia de los Muertos. It is legend that on this day the dead will come back and be with us for one day. You never know. Our friends and family might pay us a visit tonight. Hey! Looked who just walked in. Hola Kirby and Diego! You made it. Milton! Stop eating the buffet table.

Kirby: Wouldn't miss it for the world Rodizo.

Milton: Burp. Sorry.

Bacchus: I would love to see mommy again.

Dionysius: Me too, and I'd  also love to see Fairfield..

Rodizo: I hope that my dad Houdini the Great will come.

Speedy: Seeing Grumbles, Cottontail and Dustmop again would be great.

Rodizo: I have setup a shrine to our loved ones. I have asked all you to bring something that meant something. We can put the items on the shrine and maybe they will come.

Gimpy: Cool!

Everyone gets in line to put up their offerings. Rodizio is first. He brought oatmeal and pumpkin seeds for his buddy and dad Houdini the Great. Bacchus and Dionysius brought Phoebe's favorite treat,  pistachios. They were tempted, but being good boys, they left the pistachios for mommy. They also left Fairfield some organic, cooked pasta and blueberries. Putnam and Thurston brought Grumbles sunflower seeds. Being youngsters, they were tempted to eat the seeds, but Bacchus told them to put them on the shrine for Grumbles.  Speedy and Gimpy brought Cottontail and Dustmop some Cheeto Puffs and small wooden gym for them to play on. After they gave their offerings, the party really started. The food table was full of various nuts, seeds, fruits, veggies and hay. There was a wooden gym for everyone to play on and chew. In another area, there were wheels galore where our friends could run to their hearts contents. Also, there was a huge pile of cardboard that Rodizo had saved for this occasion. Cloak and Dagger could not wait to get at that cardboard.

After a couple of hours, a huge gust of wind opened the French doors. Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked. They saw something coming through the doors. It was an older Lilac gerbil with a deformed paw.

Bacchus and Dionysus: “Fairfield!!!”

They rushed up to greet their beloved friend and so did Putnam and Thurston.

Bacchus: Fairfield I am so glad you came.

Dionysius: Me too.

Putnam: We three!!

Fairfield: I am glad I was able to make it. With you guys leaving me blueberries and  cooked pasta, I couldn’t resist coming.

Everyone rushed over to meet the famous Fairfield, who co-founded Gerbil Patriots for Peace, which has scores of members now, worldwide. Fairfield went over to the shrine and prompted ate the pasta and blueberries. Bacchus and Dionysius took Fairfield over the wheel area to play. They knew he loved running in the wheel.

Another hour passed, another gust of wind, and guess who came through the doors….Cottontail and Dustmop!

Speedy and Gimpy were so glad they made it to the party! They talked, and ate Cheeto Puffs and went to play in wooden gym.

A few minutes later, an old yellow fox colored gerbil slowly walks in. Putnam and Thurston were the first to spot him. It was good ol Grumbles. After Grumbles, had his fill of sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds from the buffet table, he started in on his stories. Putnam and Thurston and many of the young pups gathered around Grumbles for his stories. His stories were legend. Rodizo heard the beginning of Grumbles story:

Grumbles: “It was on the wheel in 2002 that I lost my toes on my left foot....they didn't know about those rungs back then..... those were different days kids I tells yeah...pass me another pumpkin seed!”

Rodizo also knew that Grumbles would soon be fast asleep. The kids would have to wake him for another story. Grumbles just loved telling kids

Bacchus was having fun with Fairfield but he really wanted to see his mommy Phoebe. Dionysius also missed Phoebe. Just as soon as they wished for mommy, Phoebe came walking through the doors.

Bacchus & Dionysius: “Mommy!!!!”

They were so overjoyed to see Pheobe. They hugged and kissed her to pieces.

Phoebe: Have you boys been good?

Bacchus: Yes. Mom. Brother and I have been showing Putnam and Thurston the ropes.

Phoebe: I came because you boys wished me to come and also I could not resist those pistachios!

Everyone could not believe it, the famous artist, Phoebe had come!  Everyone paid their respects to Phoebe with a sunflower seed. Bacchus and Dionysius took Phoebe over to where Fairfield was resting.  They all talked a bit and then the three of them started chewing in unison, while Fairfield watched..

A few hours had passed, and it was getting close to the end of the party. All Rodizio's  old friends would soon be leaving to the rainbow bridge. He was so pleased with the party and with seeing all his old friends again. He was very disappointed that his father, Houdini, didn’t come. Maybe next year. He went to the kitchen to get some more food and it was there that he saw a very grand looking black gerbil. Rodizo knew that this was his dad, Houdini. He went over and gave his dad a big hug, and they talked and talked and talked.

The End.

© Copyright October, 2005 by Diane Nott and the AGS family.  All rights reserved. All Photos are the property of Diane Nott and the American Gerbil Society.

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