These are gerbil themed crafts created by me or others on the internet.

Knitted Gerbils - Pattern - Color List

I try mimic real gerbils colors if possible. Some of my knitted gerbils just look plain cute. They were recently featured and a big hit at the AGS Gerbil Show May 31, 2009 in Bedford, MA.

I sold over half my stock. If anyone has made my knitted gerbils, please email me a picture.


Not only is Spot an award winning show gerbil... My Spot is an artist. He has the knack of making spirals out of paper towel tubes. He is a maniac when creating these works of art.  I made a video of him at work plus pictures.

Spot The Artist  Spot The Artist  Spot The Artist  Spot The Artist  Spot The Artist  Spot The Gerbil Artwork  Spot The Gerbil Artwork

 There is another gerbil that is an artist. She made wonderful artwork out those chubes. See her work here.

I sell my knitted gerbils online at Etsy. I have a mailing list for my store.

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I am looking for anyone with homemade gerbil crafts. Email me a link or picture and I will post it here.

Updated: 17 March 2014