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These are books that have a story with gerbils, mice and hamsters. I have either read or own these books. They are mostly children's books. They are cute. I found most of these books at If I am missing any nice gerbil story books, email me to add them to the list. Another place to find Gerbil Story Books is at Best Book Buys. It is categorized. Click on the link to list all the  Fiction Gerbil Books. I found more books with gerbils. If I read the book, I will put a letter grade on it to tell how much I liked/disliked the story.

Obi, Gerbil on the Loose! (Hardcover) by Michael Delaney c. June 12, 2008
Obi, a young gerbil named for the Jedi knight in Star Wars, lives a cushy existence with the Armstrongs until they go on vacation, leaving a neighbor boy to feed all the pets. Unfortunately, Tad doesn’t know about Obi (headphones prevent him from hearing her frantic yelps), so he doesn’t feed her. Hungry Obi finally breaks out of her cage, beginning an adventure that takes her to the attic (where she meets an elderly mouse who shows her secret passageways and escape routes); the kitchen (home to three particularly nasty cats); and a bedroom, where she finds a boa constrictor and a tarantula. Themes of self-reliance and loyalty are woven into the story as Obi learns to assert herself, take care of her needs, and reassure herself that her owner, Rachel, did not forget about her care. Small, black line drawings add drama and emotion to a book that will be popular with young pet lovers; the ending hints at more Obi stories to come. (One of my favorite gerbil stories to date. Be sure to read Obi's continuing adventures on her blog.) A++

Adventures of Herbil the Gerbil, the by  Mere Bonar Enns  2nd printing 1984
This is a cute story about 2 classroom gerbil told from their point of view on how to be a good gerbil and raising a gerbil family. It is set in Canada. I like this book. It is a cute story. A

The 17 Gerbils of Class 4A (Hardcover) by William H. Hooks, Joel Schick  (Don't think I read this one)
Three friends are faced with the dilemma of how to dispose of the seventeen gerbils in their classroom

Adventures of Herbil the Gerbil, the by  Mere Bonar Enns  2nd printing 1984
This is a cute story about 2 classroom gerbils told from their point of view on how to be a good gerbil and raising a gerbil family. It is set in Canada. I like this book. It is a cute story. A

Arthur and the School Pet (Step-Into-Reading, Step 3) (Paperback) by Marc Brown
During Christmas vacation week, D.W. volunteers to take the classroom pet gerbil, Speedy, home for the holidays. D.W. plans to teach him some new tricks to show her class, but soon learns that taking care of a gerbil isn't as easy as she thinks, especially one as quick as Speedy. . . . A

Battle of Bubble and Squeak, the by Philippa Pearce, Alan Baker (Illustrator)
The Parker children's home becomes a battlefield because they want a pet while their mother declares that she will have no gerbils in her house.

Best School Year Ever - Barbara Robinson
When anything goes wrong at Woodrow Wilson Elementary School, from the hexing of Bus Six to the mysterious disappearance of the kindergarten gerbil, it's sure to have a Herdman behind it. The Herdmans are more than famous --they're outlaws. They smoke cigars, lie, and set fire to things, and that's only when they bother to come to school! Then a school project forces the students to think of compliments for all their classmates -- including the Herdmans. Is it possible that behind their outrageous pranks there may be something good about this crazy clan after all? A+

Bird Is the Word, the (Weebie Zone) by Ellen Weiss, Stephanie Spinner
When their new friend Marcus is assigned a nasty substitute teacher, Garth and Weebie come to the rescue. Mean Mrs. Klegg runs her classroom like boot camp, but no one believes Marcus--not the principal, not even his parents. So Garth and Weebie (gerbil)  team up with Harriet, Marcus's talkative pet parrot, and plot to expose the evil substitute. A+ (I love the Weebie stories)

Born to Be Wild (Weebie Zone) by Stephanie Spinner, Ellen Weiss, Steve Bjorkman (Illustrator)
Grade 2-4?Garth and the class gerbil, Weebie, are back. Readers of the previous titles will know that the two have been able to communicate since Weebie bit Garth. In this latest adventure, the intrepid duo work together to rescue Ding Dong, a runaway pet bunny, from rude rabbits and hungry owls. The result is an entertaining, quick read with one or two gentle character-building hints added in. Fans of the series are sure to enjoy this entry, but it can stand alone. Best for beginning readers who are gaining confidence and are ready for chapter books.

Bright Lights, Little Gerbil (The Weebie Zone , No 4) (Paperback) by Stephanie Spinner, Ellen Weiss, Steve Bjorkman (Illustrator)
Garth, who can talk to animals, searches for his lost gerbil at a cat show in New York City. (Excellent Story A+)

Bring Back My Gerbil! (Paperback) by Edith Tarbescu, Steven Bjorkman (Illustrator)
On the way home from school, Tyler is teased by two bullies. His best friend Katie jokes that maybe they can feed his pet gerbil, Jake, something to turn him into a dog to scare the bullies away. Instead, they decide to feed Jake and clean out his cage. But Katie makes a special concoction of food coloring and water and feeds it to Jake. While they are arguing about the contents of Katie's magic brew, they accidentally leave the cage door open--and Jake disappears! When a mysterious stray dog appears, Katie convinces Tyler that her magic brew turned Jake into the dog!  (Ok story. B)

Charlie Bone Fantasy Series by Jenny Nemmo
Synopsis (witten by an AGS member)
I'm probably not the first one to post this, so forgive me... but I just found an adorable literary gerbil reference in the Charlie Bone fantasy series by
Jenny Nimmo. As a sixth grade teacher, I'm always on the lookout for books featuring my favorite critters. I've built up a considerable collection of
"Happy Ratty" books (books where the rat is NOT the villain!), but haven't seen many gerbil fiction characters... until I started the Charlie Bone books.

Children's lit-wise, they're a gem for young readers who liked Harry Potter and the Series of Unfortunate Events (falling in tone and subject content somewhere between the two), and while the gerbils are a fairly minor set of background characters, they do keep turning up in character dialogue. Their owner, Gabriel Silk, is a friend of the main character... you first meet him when he's explaining why his school cape is missing. His gerbils, apparently, attacked it and when he got it back, there wasn't much left of it...

"How many do you have?" asked Charlie.
"Fifty three..."

Gabriel's gerbils become a sort of running gag after that. My husband and I, driving home from a picnic yesterday, nearly went off the road laughing (we
listen to the books on CD) during a scene where the students are released from school for the weekend:

"Freeedom!" cried Gabriel. "Gerbils, here I come!"

Gotta love it. I find myself just waiting for the little fuzzies to reappear...
worth a read if you're tired of adult fiction, or if you've got an older elementary schooler who likes this type of book.

Titles: Midnight for Charlie Boone and Charlie Boone and the Time Twister

Cinnamon's Day Out : A Gerbil Adventure (Hardcover) by Susan L. Roth

For Cinnamon the gerbil, an expedition outside the terrarium proves as thrilling as a safari. This adventure commences with the breathless reunion of Cinnamon and a companion, Snowball, who embrace in front of an exercise wheel. "I've been OUT!" Cinnamon gasps. The relieved rodent explains how, that morning, the "sky" (the screen ceiling of the cage) fell, revealing a "mountain" (of books). Cinnamon recalls a close call with a "wolf," a ride on a (toy) train and a drink from a "pond" that is in fact a dog dish. Roth (My Love for You) shows how the furry fugitive finds a sheltering "barn"?the pantry?and is rescued by "the giant," represented by a pair of hands. In the whimsical multimedia collages, Cinnamon appears almost life-size. Handmade brown paper with fuzzy filaments serves as the gerbil's coat, corrugated cardboard takes the shape of a cat, patterned wallpapers provide appropriate home-decor backdrops, and a real screen and wood shavings recreate the gerbil's own home. With a gentle sense of humor, Roth convincingly narrates from Cinnamon's point of view, inviting readers to identify with the small creature even as they reappraise the wide world around them. A just-right blend of excitement and stability. Ages 4-7. Copyright 1998 Reed Business Information, Inc. (Nice Story, B)
Do Gerbils Go to Heaven (Adventures with Jeremy James S.) by David Henry Wilson

Fat Ernest by Lisl Weil
Joel's pet gerbils are a source of trouble in the new apartment house until Fat Ernest becomes Ernestine.

Germy Blew It Again by Rebecca C. Jones
In order to pay off a school debt, Germy goes into the gerbil breeding business. (I loved it. A)

The Great Gerbil Roundup (Paperback) by Stephen Manes
In an effort to put the town of Gerbil, Pennsylvania on the map, the residents open up The First National Drive-Thru Museum of American Sightseeing and Clean Rest Rooms and stage a gerbil roundup and jubilee.

Gerbilitis (The Weebie Zone, No 1) by: Stephanie Spinner~Ellen Weiss
When Garth takes the class gerbil home for the summer, he discovers that he can talk not only with Weebie but also with other animals. (Weebie puts Garth in his place! A+)

Animal Ark Pets #09 : Gerbil Genius (Animal Ark Pets) (Paperback) by Ben M. Baglio
When Mandy and James find a runaway gerbil by the river they are very surprised. The gerbil has been living in the wild and is not used to being around people. How can Mandy help this orphaned gerbil? He is so cute and smart...a real gerbil genius! (A+)

Geronimo Stilton #9: A Fabumouse Vacation for Geronimo by Geronimo Stilton
Sometimes a mouse just needs some fun in the sun! Unfortunately for Geronimo, by the time he is able to book a vacation, all the good trips are full. Instead of lounging on the beach, he ends up in a flea-ridden hotel filled with pesky Gerbil Scouts. Maybe he should have just stayed in New Mouse City! (There are a whole series of this mouse writer). These series are published by Scholastic.

Geronimo Stilton #21: The Wild, Wild West by Geronimo Stilton
Geronimo is back for another whisker-licking-good adventure when he, Thea, Trap, and Benjamin head to America for a taste of the West on a real, working ranch. Geronimo?s trademark enthusiasm and talent for getting into uproariously sticky situations is alive and well as he and his pals go horseback riding and herding cattle. Book 21 in the Geronimo Stilton series. (I read this one. Cute Mouse story. B)

Golden Hamster Saga by by Deitlof Reiche, Joe Cepeda (Illustrator)
This is a cute series of books featuring a hamster named Freddy that can read and write. I read books 1 & 2.You can find the entire series at
Book 1: I, Freddy
Book 2: Freddy in Peril
Book 3: Freddy to the Rescue
Book 4: Haunting of Freddy

Hamster in the Holly by Ben M. Baglio
Mandy and James are excited to be part of the school Christmas show, until Honey the hamster escapes outside during the performance. Mandy needs to find her before she freezes! Mandy can't perform knowing Honey is outside; James thinks she has stage fright. What can Mandy do? Part of the Animal Ark series.

Jillions of Gerbils. (Hardcover) by Arnold Dobrin
The disappearance of two pet gerbils prompts David and his sister to search for a secret hiding place in their new house. (A nice story. B)

Juggling with Gerbils (Puffin Poetry) (Paperback) by Brian Patten, Chris Riddell (Illustrator)
Have not read the book yet.

Many Troubles of Andy Russell, the  by David A. Adler.
When some of his gerbils escape and he gets in trouble for not paying attention in class, fourth-grader Andy Russell worries about asking if a friend can move in with his family--especially when he learns that his mother is going to have another baby. (a good story. There is a series of book of this character by the same author. It continues from the 1st story. B)

Marco's Monster by Meredith Sue Willis
Fourth-grader Marco has his hands full when his best friend is chosen to be star of the class play and his little sister is accused of killing a gerbil in her kindergarten class.

Mat Pit and the Tunnel Tenants (THE PETS' REVOLT) by Sheila Greenwald
Mat Pit is not the world's all-time best achiever in school.  And he's not the most popular boy in school.  But he does stick up for his friends.  The problem is, his friends are a bit unusual.  They are all the lost gerbils, mice, and hamsters that live in the vent system of his apartment building.  Now Mat has to outwit squeamish parents and an exterminator who has a powerful spray called Poof! And, with the help of a new human friend named Edward, Mat must save his rodent friends or else Poof- they'll be gone!

Melvil and Dewey in the Fast Lane by Pamela Curtis Swallow, Judith Brown (Illustrator)
In this sequel to Melvil and Dewey in the Chips (Shoe Tree Pr, 1986; o.p.), two classroom gerbils have a series of mishaps when the teacher allows students to take them home on weekends. Six chapters of uniform length are each complemented by a few humorous black-and-white drawings. Children who have the opportunity to check out their school or public library pets (often gerbils like Melvil and Dewey) will especially enjoy this funny, fast-paced adventure. And because of this book, real-life visiting library pets may be spared such perils as Melvil and Dewey's contact with too-eager younger siblings or a hungry snake during their visits with families. Swallow is an author to keep an eye on. --Gale W. Sherman, Pocatello Public Library, ID

Melvil and Dewey in the Chips : 5 pack] (Paperback) by Pamela Curtis Swallow, Judith Schroeder (Illustrator)
This book is the first of three early chapter books about the adventures of Melvil and Dewey, two charming gerbils, who live in an elementary school library. Children will delight in the adventures and mishaps of wacky gerbil brothers Melvil and Dewey, who live in an elementary school library. The witty, fast-paced chapter books, illustrated with drawings of the lovable pets, will captivate your students, and as Melvil and Dewey learn important lessons, so will they!

Melvil And Dewey Gone Fishin' by Pamela Curtis Swallow, Lorena Eliasen (Illustrator)
Children will delight in the adventures and mishaps of wacky gerbil brothers Melvil and Dewey, who live in an elementary school library. The witty, fast-paced chapter book, illustrated with drawings of the lovable pets, will captivate your students, and as Melvil and Dewey learn important lessons, so will they! Available in a classroom pack of 5 storybooks.

"Mine Will," Said John by Helen V. Griffith (1992)
John's parents try to interest him in a gerbil or chameleon or frog for a pet, but John will be content only with a puppy.

Night of the Living Gerbil (Paperback) by Elizabeth Levy, Bill Basso (Illustrator)
Grade 3-5-This is the third story about the Bamford brothers. Robert has two gerbils-Terminator and Exterminator. One day Extermie looks rather listless and the vet doesn't hold out much hope for him. On the way home from the animal clinic, the boys and their mother stop at "Weird Science," a new store that has stuffed animals, fossils, and bones, and is owned by a taxidermist. After Extermie dies, Sam decides that they should have him preserved. Busy with museum preservations, Mr. Winston sends the body to his brother, who poses it in a fierce exterminator posture, which is nothing like the animal's true nature. Sam's dry sense of humor and bad puns lighten the story, but also get him into a lot of trouble. The boys' annoying seven-year-old cousin with her highly developed sense of right and wrong tries to walk Robert through the stages of grief. Their friend and baby-sitter likes to draw parallels between Mr. Winston and the zombie from the movie Night of the Living Dead. Children who liked the previous books are the most likely audience for this one. (Cute Story. B)

Petey (Hardcover) by Tobi Tobias, Symeon Shimin (Illustrator).
A nice story on how a little girl deals with the death of her pet gerbil. A+

Right On, Winky Blue by Pamela Jane 
When Rosie enters her talking parakeet Winky Blue in a radio quiz contest on the top of the Empire State Building, he gets disqualified but helps in the search for a missing gerbil.

Rugrats: Surprise, Angelica! (Rugrats) (Paperback) by Becky Gold, Rebecca Gold, Vince Giarrano (Illustrator)
Angelica tries to scare Chuckie and the other Rugrats, so that she can be the first to see Susie's gerbils.

Runaway Hamster by Francine Pascal, Molly Mia Stewart, Ying-Hwa Hu
Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield love being the only twins in their second-grade class. They wear matching outfits to school every day and always sit together.But twins dont always like the same things. Elizabeth is excited about taking the class hamster, Tinkerbell, home for winter vacation. But Jessica thinks Tinkerbell is disgusting.When its Jessicas turn to feed the hamster, she forgets to shut the cage door tightly--and Tinkerbell escapes! Will the twins find Tinkerbell? If they don't, what will they tell their friends? Elizabeth is in charge of the class gerbil over Christmas vacation, and Jessica has reluctantly agreed to help out. But when it's Jessica's turn, the gerbil escapes. Now they will have to replace it before the rest of the class finds out!

Sing, Elvis, Sing! (Weebie Zone, No. 2) (Paperback) by Stephanie Spinner, Ellen Weiss, Steve Bjorkman (Illustrator)
While visiting his aunt in Atlanta, Garth and his pet gerbil plan an unusual event which restores her dog, Elvis, to his former frisky self. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

Soccer 'Cats #7: All Keyed Up (Soccer 'cats) by Matt Christopher, Dan Vasconcellos (Illustrator)
When Stookie Norris asks Jerry Dinh to take care of his gerbils while he's away on vacation, Jerry is thrilled. He's wanted to become better friends with Stookie ever since his family moved next to Stookie's house. But then something terrible happens that ruins all of Jerry's hopes. Will Stookie ever forgive him?
Son of Furry (A Bantam First Skylark) by Jovial Bob Stein
Two boys lose their classroom gerbil for a science project and think of many silly ways to fix the problem. The funny thing aboutthe sotry is that  their science is to show people how to pick up a gerbil and they can't even hold on to a gerbil while the other boy cleans it cage. Most of these older gerbil stories alway shows the poor gerbil being picked up by the tail and the bedding is cedar shavings. This story was way to silly for me. (C)
Stop the world ... our gerbils are loose! by by Ann Toland Serb
Not a gerbil story. It is a collection of funny stories on parenting and children. There is one line in a chapter that mentions the kids letting gerbils loose. But that is it. Not what I expected. (D-)
Survival School (Class Pets (Hardcover)) by Frank Asch, John Kanzler (Illustrator)
Grade 3-4-In this third installment in the series, mice siblings Jake and Molly come to the aid of the newest class pet, a gerbil named Dexter, who has escaped from his cage and wants to learn how to live on the "outside." Molly and Jake are quickly forced to demonstrate their survival skills as the three rodents face various perils including a mousetrap, a flushing toilet, menacing sewer rats, and a nasty neighborhood cat that was introduced in a previous book. There is plenty of action in this easy chapter book, but an unclear beginning, weak characterization, and the sudden appearance of the cat well into the story lessen its accessibility as a stand-alone effort. Textured pencil drawings add little interest, but the appealing cover could draw in reluctant readers. Purchase where the series is already established.
Wacky Jacks  Also known as: Wacky Jacks: A Houdini Club Magic Mystery by David A. Adler
Janet and her cousin Herman "Houdini" Foster investigate the mystery of their pet gerbil's disappearance from their classroom.
We're Off to See the Lizard (Weebie Zone) by Stephanie Spinner, Ellen Weiss
Garth, who can talk to animals, becomes separated from his pet gerbil Weebie while visiting a ranch in Texas, and Weebie must find his way alone across the dry, dangerous range.
Wanting a Little Black Gerbil (Banana Books) (Hardcover) by Gene Kemp, John Eastwood  (Not read yet)

Where's Arthur's gerbil? (Arthur's early learning library) by Marc Tolon Brown
Arthur's gerbil is missing!  Arthur looks under his bed, in the bathroom cabinet, and even in a box of cereal, with no luck.  Sadly he goes off to school and at lunchtime he's not even hungry.  But when he's does open his lunchbox, guess who's inside having a feast of his own?  Kids will love lifting the flaps and helping Arthur search for his elusive pet.

Where Is Max? (Rookie Readers)  by  Mary E. Pearson~Mary Pearson
When the class gerbil escapes from his cage, the children look everywhere for it and find a way to get it to return home.
Winky Blue Goes Wild by  Pamela Jane 
Rosie hopes she will win the American Museum of Natural History's pet mummy contest, but the competition is disrupted when her pet parakeet Winky Blue and her classmate's pet gerbil Cinnamon get loose in the museum.

Miscellaneous Gerbil Care Books

A Gerbil for a Friend by Donna (Lugg) Pape, c. 1973 Hardcover
Briefly describes how Mark cares for and tames his pet gerbil. (This is nice story. The care is very accurate. I liked it. I give it a A- for the mention of cedar chips but that is probably what they had back in the 1970's.)

My Gerbil and Me (Paperback) by Engelbert Kotter, Christine Steimer (Photographer)  A nice simple gerbil care book.

Nita's Gerbil (First Petcare Book) (Hardcover) by Nigel Snell
Provides information on responsible care of a gerbil, in such areas as bedding, cleaning, exercise, feedings, and health.

There is so many out there. Most of them with inaccurate information. Most of the books do have lots of nice pictures of gerbils. The best one I found so far was published recenly from a member of the American Gerbil Society. This book has the most up to date information on gerbil care. I would recommend this to anyone that plans on getting some gerbils or who has gerbils.

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