Welcome to the Critter Quilt. Here we come together...each bringing our corner of the web...donating a quilting piece... that is sewn into our Quilt with Critter Spirit and love.

Would you like to donate a Quilt Piece?

Your quilt piece can be linked back to your site if you have one. 

We look forward to seeing the end result of our Critter Quilt!

The quilt size is 100x100 of your pet. This is mostly for our little exotic pets like gerbils, hamsters, mice, rats but any pet is welcome. This is a nice memorial page. To donate, Just email me at with your quilt block and your website address if you want it linked back. You can send me a max of 4 per email per day. Put in subject line "Critter Quilt". It makes a nice memorial to our little friends.

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Page Created 15 November 2006

Last Updated: 02 June 2012