Welcome to the Heavenly Heart Gerbilry Contest

The Coloring contest will run  the entire month of December 2011. Entries accepted until the 20th. Voting will commence between January 1st and January 14th.  Then you will vote for the best colored picture.  The top three scores will receive an award graphic.  All entries must be in by December 31, 2011 at 11pm Eastern. If I don't get at least 5 entries, there will be no voting.

You are allowed to vote for as many as you like but only one vote per image per day. It will be the same type of voting like the regular pet photo contest.

You can color on the computer or color by hand and scan the image.

Send to: with your entry. Put in subject line "Coloring Contest Entry December 2011". Be sure to include the name of your colored gerbil.

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Page Created  01 December 2011