Monday, November 16, 2009

Gerbil and Hamster Update

Just an small update on my babies.

Sam is doing fine alone. He does get a little bored. He recently started purring when we take him out to play.

Bud is thriving on being alone. Not at all depressed.

Spot and Little bear now a tad over 2 years old. Starting in the senior realm of gerbils. Spot recently started jumping into my hand and climbing onto my shoulder without any bribery. Little is starting to do the same.

Toby and Dexter are doing just fine. We still need to work with Dexter more. Still a little skittish. Toby is as friendly as he can be.

Mona and Simone are also a little over 2 years old now. Simone still has her nose problem but it is under control. Mona is now a good friendly gerbil. I can pick her up with no problem. Simone loves to be picked up.

Fred the Hamster is now abut 1.5 years old now. He is still going just fine. Still loves his ball. Loves to be brushed. With his long hair. He needs it.

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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Spot Won at the Gerbil Show!!

My Mottled Black boy Spot won a Blue Ribbon at the 2009 New England Gerbil Show in Bedford, MA on May 30, 2009.

Spot is a beautiful Mottled Black Gerbil about 1.5 years old. There were two groups in the Mottled class. Black and Other. Spot won the black mottled. This is my first gerbil that has ever won a ribbon let alone a blue one. I am so proud of my little boy. He did so well. He now has 3 points toward a championship. He needs 8 to get one.

The person that judged Spot said he was a beautiful gerbil the moment she saw him. The new Blue Gerbils were featured in the show also. The first ones in the US I believe. The gerbils came from a breeder in Finland.

I also entered my Nutmeg Male Little bear in the show also. He was a very good boy at the show. His coloring was just not right. He lacked the black ticking in his fur but otherwise he was a very good boy to the judges.

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Merry Christmas! Gerbil Snowflakes

Merry Gerbil Christmas and a Furry New Year! My wonderful little gerbil boys made me this wonderful gerbil snowflake. It is so cute! Spot is my maniac gerbil chewer. He did most of the work. Little Bear helped. This is wonderful way to have your gerbils interact with the kids. Fold up a piece of whit computer papers. Have the gerbils chew for a couple of minutes and VIOLA! A Gerbil Snowflake. Watch this cute gerbil christmas video.

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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Happy New Year and Gerbil Family Expanded

My gerbil family has now expanded to seven gerbils and a hamster. I did want to mention that I also had a little baby gerbil Stewie. He was a very small little gerbil. I think he may have been the runt of the litter. He was a beautiful gerbil. A rare color also. i got him on December 14th and he passed on December 18th. Mostly likes from respiratory infection. He never made it back from the vet. This is baby Stewie. I will always remember you.

This is my new baby gerbils. Meet Little Bear, Spot, Simone and Mona. All their birthdays are in October. Spot and Simone are Halloween gerbils. Little Bear and Spot are with Buddy.

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