Friday, September 19, 2008

Patches Passed on

Patches was a little trooper. Yesterday, he stopped eating and drinking at about 11am. He passed in a lap at 3:50pm. He lost weight overnight. The stroke was too much for him. I really thought he would make it. He is now up there with his cagemate and my Buddy.

I lost my Buddy on the 5th. He was over 4 years old.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Patches - Day 3 Recovery

This little gerbil ceases to amaze me. He was very hungry when I got up at 5:30am to check on him. He ate quite a bit from the syringe and was thirsty. He basically slept most of the morning. I held him in a towel for part of the time. I really thought it was his time to go with his shallow breathing but no. Right after lunch, Patches perked right up in the afternoon. He wanted to go. I had him propped up on the side of my sofa chair and off he went. His front paws were moving and pushing with his back legs. He was like this for a couple of hours. This is how a young pu is learning to walk. He was trying to doing the gerbil head butting that they like to do. I put him back in the small carrier of towels. He was strong enough to prop up his head a bit to drink a little bit from the water bottle. I saw three little bubbled come up in the bottle. I knew he was drinking. He also ate a little bit of baby food on a piece of paper plate with me holding the plate.

This doesn't look like a gerbil that wants to give up. I started a journal to keep track. He currently weighs about 52 grams right now. It will be my only indication if he is getting better or worse. I will also put blog entries here on his progress.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Patches the Gerbil

A new gerbil came into my life yesterday. A 3 year old male name Patches. I am fostering him as he is very ill and his owners can't give him the 24/7 care he needs right now. He suffered a stroke over a week ago and might have had a relapse Saturday night. They couldn't cope so I offered to care for the little guy since I am working at home for the time being. He lasted the night so I got him in to see my vet this afternoon. His teeth needed clipping. I think that would help him overall. Patches is helpless like a young gerbil pup. I have been feeding him with a syringe and his liquids also. He has responded well. He is much more fiesty than yesterday afternoon.

I got him to drink from the water bottle for a little bit. That is progress. I am switching his Karo/water solution to organic baby apple juice. He is still getting baby food with a syringe but I am hopefully once he gets strong enough that he can lap up baby food on his own.

I will keep all of you posted.

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