Monday, November 12, 2007

Honeybear - Possible Sick little gerbil

My little gerbil Honeybear might be sick. He has been having labored breathing for the past couple of days. She still does all her normal gerbil stuff but when she is sleeping or eating the hard breathing is very noticeable. She is over 3 1/2 years old. Her BF Buddy is 3 years old also. I am taking her in to the vet this afternoon to have her checked out. If it is respiratory infection then we can treat her. Otherwise we would just have to enjoy her and make her comfortable.


Back from the vet and $70.00 later. The vet first listened to her heart to see if he heard anything. He did not hear anything. The vet took X-rays. Used the dental x-ray machine. He did find something and showed me the x-rays. Honeybear has a slight collasped lung on her left side and is retaining some fluid. Which is the cause of
hard breathing. The lump that HB had a few months back was on her left side.

He weighed her (91 grams). He prescribed Lixotinic (Lasix) with furosemide. They are a vitamin supplement and a diuretic to help with the water problem. .2ml twice a day oraly. He said give the medicine to her for a long as she needs. Probably the rest of her life to help ease her breathing. He gave her the first dose in the
office. The medicine is slightly sweet so she took the medicine ok. She was such a good girl at the vet's. So calm and tame towards the doctor. Didn't bite once. Buddy came with her for support.

When she went for X-rays, the vet carried her in the towel I brought and she looked so adorable with her little head sticking out.

Money doesn't matter. It was worth it to know what the problem was.

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Buddy and Honeybear

They are together. You couldn't see a happier gerbil than Honeybear. She just loves her new boyfriend. We put the wheel in the tank. HoneyBear missed her wheel. Buddy really didn't know what to make of it. He is two years old and never been on a wheel. Honeybear supervised and give tips on how to run. Honeybear is 3 years old. They are both past having babies. It is not 100% but the risk of babies is low.

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Friday, April 13, 2007

Sick Little Gerbil Digger

Since Tuesday, little Digger (one on the right) has been sick. Eyes closed. Little or no appetite. Not thirsty. Ruffled fur. Cool to the touch. I took her to the vet that Tuesday. The vet could not find what is wrong. Her eyes, lungs and heart are fine. Hesaid to keep her warm and jsut do your best. I temporary kept her in a separate cage with 2 small water bottles to keep her warm. After a few hours she was warm enough so i could put her back with HoneyBear. I have them isloated in one Crittertrail 2 cage. They usually have a #3 attached also. Digger immediately climbs to the top of the cage and stayed there. Warmest place. We hand fed her and offered the water bottle. She did eat and drink. She seemed so weak and tired. Her buddy took careof her by grooming and keeping her warm. She has made improvements slowly over the past few days. This morning I found them both in the lower part of the cage under tp where their nest is usually. Digger is feeding herself from the food bowl and hopefully that she is drinking from the water bottle. I lowered it for her. I give her a pea everyday for its vitamins, softness and water. She loves the pea. I have high hopes for her. Her coat is even looking lots better.

Added note 04/30/2007: We lost little Digger April 20th. We think it was dental and jaw problems. Even getting her teeth clipped didn't help.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

New Friend for Trixie

Trixie got a new friend. Her name is Zoey. She is a cute little black/slate pup. She was about 6 weeks old when we got her. She is such a cutie.
Trixie and Zoey are now the best of buds. I have them featured in my gerbil store. After split caging for 2 weeks, there was no squeaking. Trixie did tell Zoey that she was boss but that was it. No squabbling at all. The easiest intro I ever did.

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Passing of a Wonderful Friend

I have lost a good little friend January 30th. It was my favorite little girl gerbil Digger. She had an ovarian cyst. the vet thinks it burst. She was suffering and I enend up taking to the vet. She was a super friendly since she was a pup. She was my shoulder sitter. It came to the point where I can carry her around from room to room and she loved it. She was only year and 2 weeks old. A spotted agouti. She is survived by her best buddy Trixie. I have kept a journal of little Digger. You can read it here: Digger's Journal. I have also posted her last webcam pictures. You can view them at the webcam site. Digger's last request is that Trixie is not left alone. She is getting a new buddy Friday night.

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