Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bud and Sam Not Meant to Be

Poor Bud and Sam. Putting them together was not meant to be. Their personalities clashed. They won't even interact when I held each one in my hand. They have been in a split since the end of the July.

Last night Bud went to his own digs. I took the divider out and gave Sam the big 20 gallon for now. I will just have to give them extra toys and stimulation. Bud was always good with the ladies. I might get him a senior female to love. I might do the same with Sam later on. Male to female bonding seems to always work better.

Bud is about 1 1/2 feet away from the other two boys. At least he can smell them and know they are around. I am planning on putting Sam in the 15 gallon (where Mona and Simone are currently located) and give the girls the big 20 gallon to romp around. That sounds like the best option I have right now. This is my first failure in try to put two gerbils together.

Also, while I was cleaning an extra small cage, I found Trixie's last thing she chewed. A partial paper plate. It brought sadness to my heart.

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At 9/24/2009 8:41 PM , Blogger Tracy said...

I hate having to separate gerbils because they love their buddies. I had to do that with two of mine. One's no longer around but the other seems pretty happy. Hope it goes well.

At 10/01/2009 10:17 PM , Blogger Twin Squeaks Gerbils said...

So sorry that you couldn't unite Bud and Sam. I've been going through the same thing with a pair of females that I started trying to pair up in June. It's very frustrating. :(

I'm sure you'll give your boys lots of attention and make sure that they are happy and spoiled, despite not accepting gerbil companionship.

At 10/13/2009 12:01 PM , Blogger Gerbilgal said...

Bud and Sam are spoiled rotten. Bud seems to have adjusted well to being alone. Sam is just a youngster and needs more attention. He gets it. He even purred for me recently.


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