Webpage Update Archive

This is where I keep my archive of all my website updates.

10/31/2005:Pictures,Movies, puzzle pretty much restored. Its permanent home is on bravenet.

11/01/2005:Everything is pretty much back. Lucky I had some old templates. Bravenet is now going to be its new home.

11/04/2005:Website was down for a day and now it is back. Everything is working. Added my Gerbil Webring. Cloak and Dagger turn 3 years old this month. I got them one of those Crittertrail Y cages with the wheel on top. They love it.

12/04/2005: December Photo Contest is up and running. This will be the new home for my gerbil site from now on.

01/01/2006: January's Photo Contest is up and running. Winner is posted in the Winner's Circle.

01/14/2006: Added Petster Link to front page. Special contest for February and March. Go check it out.

01/16/2006: Added Gerbil Yahoo Groups Category. These are critter groups that I have a membership. Check them out.

01/20/2006: Added Live Chatting to talk about gerbils.

01/31/2006: OHIO HAMSTERS Need a Home. Check my Critter Rescue for Details.

02/01/2006: February Photo Contest is Ready for your votes. 14 entries. January Winner will be posted later on today.

02/07/2006: Found out that Frankie's Brother Curly has passed on. I made a little tribute to him. You can see it under Other Pets

02/14/2006: 9:00am EST. Little Gimpy passed today. She has been a sick little girl with heavy breathing since November. We knew it was a matter of time. Took a turn for the worst this morning.

02/19/2006: Got little Digger. 6-week old Spotted Agouti Female for Speedy. They are currently in a split cage. We will try a 1st attempt on March 4th. I hope Speedy likes her.

02/28/2006: Expanded my Tribute Page.

03/03/2006: Speedy and Digger are now the best of friends. Speedy is taking on a mommy role. They are currently sleeping in a coconut with Speedy sleeping on top of Digger just as a mommy would do to her pups. Check out Digger's Journal about her experiences.

03/05/2006: Added Gerbil Haiku's to Gerbil Stories

04/08/2006: Added BackYard Squirrels to Other Pets

04/10/2006: Joined Sirkissa Webring. Located on the Spirit Page

04/12/2006: Added Deer pictures to our Backyard Critters "Squirrel" Page. Updated Gerbil Cartoons Page.

04/19/2006: Updated Backyard Critters page with more critters: Cardinals, Bunnies and Raccoons. Updated Digger's Journal.

04/21/2006: Added a new page. A listing of books that has a gerbil in the story.

04/28/2006: Been accepted to The Rail.

05/01/2006: April Photo Contest Completed. May Show started. Winner is posted.

05/05/2006: Added AGS Gerbil Shows Page

05/12/2006: Moved all my pictures pages together into 1 link so they will all be together. "My Pet Pictures". Added more stuff to the Gerbil Books page. My grades on some of the stories that I have read.

05/25/2006: Joined Kritter Corner.

05/26/2006: Joined The Rumbles Spirit Page competition. Add my AGS Gerbil Show Story to the AGS Shows and stories pages.

05/28/2006: Added more pictures, movies, newspaper articles from the NE AGS Gerbil Show under the tab AGS Gerbil Shows

05/30/2006: New critters need adopting. See my Critter Rescue. Added a Website Update Page.

06/05/2006: Signed up at a new website competition - Valley of Wonders - Team Animal Hangout (Spirit Page)

06/07/2006: Added Kritter Korner Approved Banner on Front Page

06/09/2006: Add more Mouse Pictures plus a picture of Frankie's home Under Pet Pictures.

06/10/2006: Approved to compete in Valley of Wonders - Animal Hangout. Voting Page.

06/15/2006: Approved to compete in Pet Leagues.

06/20/2006: Added more books to Gerbil Story Books Section. Added an update for Frankie (my mousie) in My Pet Photos section under Mouse Tab. Digger's Journal has recently been updated also. Approved to compete in The Rumbles - The Party Animals web competition.

06/21/2006: Eva's Gerbil Graphics site is defunct. I found a cached page and recreated the page with the intact graphics. Yeah! Enjoy. I could not let this page disappear.

06/30/2006: Moved Gerbil Blog. Blogspirit is no longer free. I am now hosting eblogger on my own site.

07/06/2006: Updated Gerbil Puzzles. 3 new puzzles for you to try. Moved April 2006 to the Update Archive. Updated Digger's Journal.

07/24/2006: Added a new entry on my Critter Rescues Page. There are some local baby rats that need a home. If you need the phone number, I have it.

07/25/2006: My little nutmeg gerbil Cloak passed away this morning. Go visit Cloak at her tribute page.

07/29/2006: Added a new gerbil story book. Adventures of Herbil the Gerbil.

08/01/2006: August Photo Contest is up and ready for voting. 12 entries this month. Vote for my pets at Petster.com on the One Stop Voting Page.

08/06/2006: Added more Frankie Mouse pictures.

08/09/2006: Added Yahoo Group Critter Tails to the Yahoo Groups section. Check it out.

08/21/2006: Added a Gerbil Movie and Story/Poem.

08/28/2006: Added Gerbils Photo Page 3. I got 2 new gerbils on 08/25/2006. Photos and their history are on page 3

09/08/2006: My little lilac gerbil Speedy passed on September 7th. Updated Winners Year 2 for the August Photo contest winner. September Photo contest is up and running. Digger's Journal is updated. Gerbil Blog is updated.

09/09/2006: We lost little Dagger this morning. She must have a had stroke overnight. She was about 3 years 10 month old.

09/13/2006: We got a new buddy for Digger. A beautiful 10 month old grey agouti. We named her Trixie. I have poicture of her posted on Pet Pictures Page 2. Digger's Journal is updated. I made a little tribute page for Speedy. Dagger will have one soon.

09/18/2006: Updated my Voting Pages. Go vote for my little critters. Especially Pet Leagues.

09/21/2006: Joined Triple Aces's Pets Adventures and Escapades Pet Photo Contest. Need more entries. Updated Gerbil Blog.

09/22/2006: Updated Spirit Pages. Signed up for Rumbles Most Unfair Competition.

09/24/2006: Updated Spirit Pages and Digger's Journal. This is also Digger meets Trixie Day. (Taking divider out.)

09/25/2006: Added a new page to Gerbil Care. Special Diets for Special Needs Gerbils.

09/28/2006: Updated Frankie's journal on his pets photos page. (Mouse)

10/01/2006: Pet Photo Contest Started for October.

10/06/2006: Changed the gerbil puzzles around. 3 new ones for October.

10/09/2006: Digger and Trixie introduction last Sunday went without a hitch. They are now the bext of buds. They are transported from the tank to their new permanent home. Starting out with a crittertrail 2 to ger TRixie used to the cage. Will be adding on the CT3 in a few days. They will have their condo back.

10/09/2006: Got a link to the 2003 AGS Midwest Gerbil Show. Added link to AGS Show page.

10/12/2006: Added a new gerbil cartoon. Added more pictures of Honey Bear and Digger 2 on Page 3 of My Pet Pictures. Check the picture with the pumpkin.

10/14/2006: Updated Web Competition Pages. Added a nice graphic to my tribute page.

10/22/2006: Pictures posted from the 2006 AGS 2006 MW Show in the AGS Shows Page. Go look. The gerbils are adorable!

11/01/2006: November Pet Photo Contest Started. Go vote for your favorite.

11/09/2006: Sirkissa's Magic Karnival is closed. Joining The Wild Frontier Web Competition.

11/10/2006: Joined up with The Wild Frontier Web Compeition - Animal Roundup

11/15/2006: Spruced up the Gerbil Games. Added a Critter Quilt and Updated the Gerbil Puzzles. Take a look under Gerbil Games.

12/03/2006: Gerbil Hunt Game is underway. Photo contest updated. Digger gave us a scare last night. Emergency vet. She is doing just fine. Results from November Pet Photo Contest posted soon. December photo contest taking a break. Resuming contest in January. Get your entries in. Go to the Photo Contest page for more details.

12/04/2006: December Gerbil Anagram Game is underway in Gerbil Games. Added a new puzzle.

12/18/2006: Added pictures to photo albums. Updated Diggers Journal.

01/03/2007: I got a new webcam for Christmas. January Pet Photo Contest is up and running. Go vote for your favorite. Critter Quilt will be an ongoing game as well as Gerbil Anagrams. Go check them out. Gerbil Hunt was bust. No one played. All Hunt pictures will be removed. Got the motion detector working this evening. GerbilCam Video is posted.

01/10/2007: Read the Update on Frankie Mouse at Pet Pictures/Other Pet Pictures. I have a feeling he will soon leave us. He left us about 5:20pm. Rest in peace little one. Updated my blog and Frankie's pages.

01/12/2007: Added pictures of HoneyBear, Digger 2 and Trixie to the frontpage.

01/17/2007: Updated Digger's Journal. Worked on my webcam site.

01/22/2007: Added two more pictures to the Critter Quilt. Such cuties! GerbilCam not on tonight due to migraine headache. Typing in the dark with sunglasses on. Updated Tribute Page for Frankie.

01/30/2007: Digger passed on this morning. See her final journal entries. Her last webcam still pictures are posted. They are on a link on the webcam page.

02/01/2007: February Pet Photo Contest is underway. Go vote for your favorite.

02/03/2007: We got a beautiful little 6 week old buddie for Trixie. We named her Zoey. Her gerbil color is slate. Extremely friendly. Currently being split caged with Trixie.

02/04/2007: Added Digger's Tribute page. I have her Journal and Tribute Video and pictures linked on the page. Zoey is on Pictures Page 4. We had a close call on the gerbil swap. Trixie made lunge at Zoey. We caught it in time.

02/05/2007: Added a funny gerbil story/joke on my gerbil stories page. Go check it out.

02/12/2007: Gerbil Results from the NJ 4H show posted at the AGS Gerbil Show page.

02/18/2007: Intro Day for Trixie and Zoey. It could not have gone any better. No squeaking. They were buds in an hour.

02/23/2007: Joined Mystical Meadows. Added a picture of Little Zoey on the frontpage.

02/24/2007: Added a new gerbil cartoon on the Gerbil Cartoons Page.

03/01/2007: Big 2nd Anniversary Pet Photo Contest has started. Go vote for Best of the Best.

03/06/2007: Added more pictures of HoneyBear and Digger on Gerbil Pictures Page 3. Cuteness Alert! Updated Gerbil Games. New Anagram game. Go play!

03/29/2007: Added a little Memorial for Digger at ACE. Added more Zoey and Trixie pictures to photos page 4. HoneyBear and Digger 2 photos on page 3. Added AGS Gerbil Show link at top of this page. Did some updating this month on Gerbil Store for Easter.

04/03/2007: Updated Spirit Pages. Updated Gerbil Journal. New Entry.

04/08/2007: Happy Easter! See Cute Picture at Top. New cartoon added. See Gerbil Funnies.

04/20/2007: Sad news. Little Digger passed on this morning.

04/23/2007: Added the last 3 pictures of Honey Bear and Digger together on Pet Pictures Page 3.

04/25/2007: Got a new friend for HoneyBear today. Susan gave me a beautiful 2 year old little boy. His gerbil color is a schimmel. He is so pretty. You can see pictures of him on Pet Pictures Page 5.

04/27/2007: I got the split cage setup for HoneyBear and Buddy (He now has a name.)

04/30/2007: We tried a small intro Sunday afternoon. Buddy was a little too aggressive. So the split cage came back. They are very friendly with each other when I hold them in my hands. A little butt sniffing and it is ok. Might try another little intro Wednesday or this weekend.

05/04/2007: Buddy and Honeybear are together.

05/14/2007: I adopted a hamster from the local APL. He is such a sweetie. Not a biter. I have pictures of him up in my Pet Pictures area under Hamster Pictures.

05/17/2007: Added more pictures on gerbil pictures Page 4 & 5 of Trixie & Zoey and Honeybear & Buddy.

05/23/2007: Created webpage for the AGS 2007 New England Gerbil Show. Click on AGS Gerbil Shows to check it out.

05/25/2007: Buddy the Gerbil's picture was shown on Cleveland's Fox 8 Morning Show. The link is posted under Gerbil Videos. Go check it out.

05/26/2007: Updated Yahoo Groups that I belong to. Created a new yahoo hamster group called syrianhamsterlovers2.

06/01/2007: June Photo Contest started.

06/04/2007: Added more pictures of our backyard critters taken on June 2nd. Look under My Pet Pictures and click on Backyard Critters.

06/22/207: Buddy tied for second place in the "Other" category in the Gerbil Virtual Show at the Mongolian Gerbil Website Forum.

06/27/2007: Added more Henry the Hamster Pictures. Worked on Web Competition Pages. Added a Web Comps Splash Page

07/01/2007: July Photo Contest Underway.
08/01/2007: August photo Contest Underway.
09/01/2007: September Photo Contest Underway.
09/27/2007: Updated Spirit Pages. Added more photos.
11/01/2007: November Photo Contest Up and Running.
11/20/2007: Honeybear died.
01/01/2008: January Photo Contest Up and Running.
01/27/2008: Henry the Hamster won 3rd Place in our local APL 2nd Annual Pet Photo Contest.
02/01/2008: Added more gerbil/hamster cartoons to the funnies page. February Photo contest will be up tonight.
02/05/2008: Added pictures of Mona and Simone in My Pet Pictures section. Added my memorial to Honeybear and Baby Stewie. Check out my Blog on Baby Stewie. Updated spirit pages.
02/06/2008: Added another cute gerbil movie from youTube "Gerbil Baby Bumpkins."
03/29/2008: Rejoined Rumbles Web competition
05/28/2008: Monthly Photo Contest still running. Go vote! Got new hamster baby Fred. Go check out his pictures in Pet Pictures. Summer Web Competitions will be starting up. AGS Gerbil show in Nashua NH was a blast.
06/01/2008: June Photo Contest Running.
06/28/2008: Joined Fantasy Flight Summer Camp. See Summer Web Competitions.
09/06/2008: Buddy Died.
11/19/2008: Zoey Died.
12/01/2008: Photo Contest on Holiday Break.
12/16/2008: Got new friend for Trixie. Beautiful REW one year old male.
12/17/2008; Added site event calendar for AGS Events and Photo Contest Dates.
04/01/2009: 4th Anniversary Photo Contest Winners Posted. A Tie!! Pictures Posted in the Winners Section.
05/01/2009: Joined Playful Pets Web Competition. Accepting May Photo Entries until 11pm ET May 3rd.
05/31/2009: Spot won a blue ribbon at the AGS Gerbil Show in the Mottled Class (Black)
06/03/2009: June's Photo Contest Started
06/07/2009: New Page Created - Gerbil Crafts. My knitted gerbils are featured.
06/22/2009: Added a new Link to Gerbil Links. A cute gerbil apparel site.
07/22/2009: Trixie Passed on.
07/24/2009: Got three new baby gerbil boys.
08/05/2009: August Photo Contest Up and Running. Memorial Tributes for Trixie and Zoey are up.
09/04/2009: September Photo Contest is up and ready for voting.
12/02/2009: Holiday break from the Photo Contest. Holiday Games is on the photo show page. Check it out.
12/09/2009: Just opened my new Etsy Store. Just started filling it full of Gerbil and Hamster Knitted Goodness. Just in time for the holidays! Link is at the top of the page and to the bar on the left.
12/31/2009: Got phone interviewed for a knitting podcast on my knitted gerbils and gerbil talk.
01/01/2010: January 2010 Photo Contest is up and running. Go Vote!
05/22/2010: Mona turned for the worst yesterday. She passed on this morning at the vet's. She will be greatly missed. A wonderful companion to Simone. I had her since she was a pup. Simone took good care of Mona. She knew Mona's time was limited. Sweet dreams little one. No more pain. She was a beautiful burmese girl. 2 1/2 years old.
07/02/2010: Fred the Hamster passed on from a stroke.
10/10/2010: Spot and Little Bear broke up. Big gerbil fight.
10/22/2010: Happy Birthday Little Bear! My little big boy turns 3 years old today. Happy Birthday! 120 grams. We gave him a gerbil pinata for his birthday present.
10/31/2010: I have two more gerbil birthdays. Spot and Simone are 3 years old today. Halloween gerbils. Happy Birthday! They both got gerbil pinatas that they both shredded to pieces.
11/29/2010: Spot passed while I was on vacation.
12/31/2010: Adopted Clarice
01/04/2011: Simone passed.
01/14/2011: Found out that OBI: GERBIL ON A MISSION by Michael Delaney (Dutton) is going to be published in the near future. Adopted Becca from the APL today. Bud's great great granddaughter.
02/01/2011: February Photo Contest is Open
02/02/2011: Updated Gerbil Anagram Game and added a new game. New word for February. Go play.
02/21/2011: Clarice's 1st Litter born today. 4 pups. 3 survived.
03/23/2011: Clarice's Second Litter born today. 4 pups.
03/27/2011: Adopted Frodo from Petco in Avon Ohio. Cute little Robo hammie.
04/02/2011: Annual Petco Hamster Derby. Took Becca.
04/06/2011: Updated Gerbil Anagram Game. New word for April. Go play.
04/07/2011: Ginger is "Gin". Sam and Bobby accepted Gin. Took about and hour for all to settle down.
04/16/2011: Bud passed. Dexter let know by thumping loudly to wake us up.
05/02/2011: Milly got 2nd in her pup class. Dexter 3rd in Mock Show II in his class.
05/03/2011: Baby Boys transferred to their own tank.
07/20/2011: Little Bear passed.
10/01/2011: Updated Gerbil Anagram Game for October. September Contest Results are being tallied.
10/15/2011: Attended Midwest Gerbil Show Omaha Nebraska
10/17/2011: Updated front page. Updated Gerbil Groups Page. Working on Midwest Gerbil Show page.
01/09/2012: Frodo to the vet.
01/16/2012: Adopted/Purchased Lilly from Petsmart as a buddy for Becca.
01/20/2012: Split Cage up for Lilly and Becca. They were put into the split in the afternoon.


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