Annual 2013 New England

 American Gerbil Society (AGS) Gerbil Show

Nashua, NH May 3-4, 2013

This years show we went back to the Middlesev Coimmunity College, Bedford, MA.

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Items that will be up for Raffle or Auction at the Show

 Gerbil Chew Toys, Knitted Gerbils, 10 gallon tank topper, Jackie the Gerbil Book and bag, gerbil food

Advertising, Press Stories and Videos on the Gerbil Show

Gerbils Strut Their Stuff at New England Pageant

Gerbils Strut Their Stuff at N.E. Pageant
USA Today
The American Gerbil Society Is a Thing, And They�re Hosting a Gerbil Pageant
Tails of the New England Gerbil Show

Are Gerbils Lucky?Dozens Of Gerbils Compete For Best In Show | Anything Can Happen At A Gerbil Show | Gerbil Show in Bedford

The first article was done by the Associated Press and this video and article was picked up all over the USA and beyond.

Gerbil Show Pictures

New England Gerbil Show 2013 - AGS Members on Facebook
Show Pictures and Videos from D. Nott

Gerbil Show Videos

See D. Nott's Pictures Link above

Favorite Show Moments (from the AGS Yahoo Group)

Wow, the 12th Annual New England Show was a blockbuster, with over 100 visitors!

A show like this is the result of many, many people working hard to bring everything together. THANK YOU to everyone who helped in ways big and small. I apologize in advance to anyone I may inadvertently leave out. Thank you Libby,
Donna and the rest of the board. Thank you, perhaps most especially, to the judges: KJ, Amy, Libby, Donna, and Leigh. This event literally could not happen without you! And HUGE thanks to our astonishingly patient and organized
secretary, Jo, who had an enormous job keeping us all organized. Thank you health inspectors: Donna, Libby, Rebecca, Amy and Jennie. Thank you Diane and Joanne for taking on the very popular photo contest, raffle and auction. Thank
you Leslie for entertaining us with your adorable tale of Jackie the Jumping Gerbil. Thank you Judith for your wonderful creative work on the treasure hunt and your unflagging enthusiasm. Thank you Beth for managing the rollicking Pet
Class competitions. Thank you Caroline for expertly judging the 13 Mock Show entries with professionalism and admirable stamina. Thank you Jenn for running the popular agility demos. Thank you to everyone who pitched in at the front
desk: Timmy, Susan, Sean, Shereen, Cathy, Sarah and Sami. Thank you Anise for cheerfully taking on all sorts of tasks. Thank you Steve for being everywhere you were needed at exactly the right time. Thank you AGS members for coming and
making the show such a success. I loved being back and seeing you all. Can't wait for the next one!

Thank you to all the AGS members that made the show as awesome as it was. Dahlia, Bill and I had a blast and our gerbils did too! Bill is already looking forward to future shows. Haha.

Just checking my emails today and I had to giggle because Libby had used the same word in an email yesterday that I put in a comment on Facebook a few hours ago: camaraderie. It really describes this group. I am so very thankful for
all of you and your friendship. I had such a blast at my first show as a participant, and I really, really, really appreciate everyone's patience and cheerfulness in answering all of this newbie's questions (and switching my gerbils to the correct classes!!) :)
Thanks again!!

Little Squeakhearts Gerbils

NE SHOW 2013-Bedford, MA Results

Posted by Jo on 05/19/2013

PUP (Older)
1st 10 wk CPA M shown by Anise Hetman (NY)
BOS 12 wk Nutmeg Spot F shown by Bill Kemp of Kung-Fu Gerbils (MA)
2nd 13 wk Nutmeg M- Anise
3rd 13 wk Siamese F pup shown by Rebecca Azer of Gerbil Parade (MA)

PUP (Younger)
1st 12 wk Mot Black M shown by Donna Anastasi of ABC Gerbils (NH/MA)
2nd 10 wk CPA Spot M--Anise
3rd 7 wk Dove M--Anise

SELF (Lilac)
1st 6 mo Lilac M shown by Jennie Payne (MA)
2nd 2 yr Lilac M shown by Diane Nott of Heavenly Heart Gerbilry (OH)

3rd 6 mo Lilac M --- Jennie

SELF (ee colors)
1st *************1 yr Nutmeg F--- MS's Promise*****************
*********Bred and shown by Katie KJ Johnson of Moonstone Gerbils (MA)
************ ***********CHAMPION************************************

BOS 2 yr Nutmeg M -- Donna

2nd *************1 yr Silver Nutmeg F---SRG's Tasca******
********Shown by Libby Hanna of Shawsheen River Gerbils (MA)
********************Bred by Jo Kelley of BWC Gerbils (KY)****

3rd 1 yr Red Fox M-- Libby

SELF (Black)
1st 3 yr Black M -- Donna
2nd 1 yr Black M shown by Jo Kelley of Black Wolf Clan Gerbils (KY)
3rd 1 yr Black M shown by Cathy Bickle of Gerbil Collective (MD)

SELF (Slate/Blue)
1st 1 yr Blue F -- KJ
2nd 2.5 yr Blue F -- Libby
3rd 1 yr Slate M -- Jo

WB (Gold)
1st 1.5 yr Argente M -- Rebecca
2nd 1.5 yr DEH F shown by Haley Unger (MA)
3rd 2 yr Argente M -- KJ

HM 1.5 yr DEH M -- Bill

WB ( Silver or Agouti/Grey Agouti)
1st ********************** 1 yr Grey Agouti M – BWC's Kenai****
********************Bred and Shown by Jo Kelley of BWC Gerbils (KY)
***************************CHAMPION & BEST IN SHOW************

BOS 1 yr Polar Fox F shown by Sarah Kaden of Silver Maple Gerbilry (NJ)
2nd 1 yr Grey Agouti F -- KJ

3rd ******************2 yr Grey Agouti M – BWC's Chance for Rain*
********************Bred and Shown by Jo Kelley of BWC Gerbils (KY)
********************************CHAMPION ************************

HM 1.5 yr Agouti F -- Haley

CP (Not Siamese)
1st 9 mo Burmese F -- Donna

BOS ********************1.5 yr CPN M -- ABC's Prarie Dog*****
***************Bred and shown by Donna Anastasi of ABC Gerbils (NH/MA)
********************************CHAMPION *********************

2nd 1 yr CPA F -- Jo
3rd 1 yr Burmese F -- Sarah
HM 1 yr CPN M -- Rebecca

CP (Siamese)
1st ********************4 mo Siamese F – SRG's Sorka********
********Shown and bred by Libby Hanna of Shawsheen River Gerbils (MA)
**************************BEST OF OPPOSITE*******************

2nd 1 yr Siamese M -- Cathy
3rd 4 mo Siamese F -- Libby

SPOT (Dark)

1st 9 mo Agouti Spot F -- Libby
2nd 2 yr Blue Spot F -- Libby
3rd 1.5 Agouti Spot M -- Rebecca

SPOT (Other)
1st 1.5 yr Argente Spot F – Rebecca A
BOS 1.5 yr Siamese Spot M shown by Shereen Jegtvig (CT)
2nd 1 yr Silver Nutmeg Spot F --KJ
3rd 2 yr CPN Spot F shown by Leigh Dibden of Gerbils by Leigh (ME)

1st 1.5 yr Burmese Pied M -- Shereen
BOS 6 mo Lilac Pied F -- Libby
2nd 6 mo Blue Pied M -- Jennie
3rd 1.5 Pied Siamese M -- KJ

HM 4 mo Pied Agouti M shown by Sadie Courser of Jammin' Gerbils (NH)

1st 2 yr Mot Agouti M shown by Kaitlyn Cepeda (ME)
2nd 1.5 Mot Black M – Rebecca
3rd 6 mo Mot black M -- Kaitlyn

1st 1 yr Honey Cream M -- KJ

BOS ***************1 yr Silver Point F --- MS's Crystal******
*********Bred and shown by Katie KJ Johnson of Moonstone Gerbils (MA)

2nd 1 yr Schimmel M -- Donna
3rd 1 yr Silver Point M – KJ


1st 3 yr DEH M shown by Tracy Kukkonen of Oishii Gerbils (MA)

BOS 2.5 yr Argente F -- Libby

2nd 3.5 yr RES M -- Libby
3rd 3 yr Blue F -- Tracy

HM 2.5 yr Slate F -- Leigh

Breeders color certificate earned:

Other awards: 10 year Service Pins
**The following members were recognized for ten plus years service in the AGS (not only for attending shows all over the country at least once a year and
serving as mentors within the AGS, but also volunteering countless hours serving as Judges, Health Inspectors, Show Secretary and Registrar, Show Coordinators,
and Board Members to say the least):



BEST IN SHOW-----BWC's Kenai -- 1 yr Grey Agouti M
Bred and Shown by Jo Kelley of Black Wolf Clan (KY)


BEST OPP SEX-----SRG's Sorka--- 4 mo Siamese F
Bred and shown by Libby Hanna of Shawsheen River Gerbils (MA)


BWC's Chance for Rain---1.5 yr old Grey Agouti M
Shown and bred by Jo Kelley of BWC Gerbils (KY)

BWC's Kenai-1 yr Grey Agouti M
Shown and bred by Jo Kelley of BWC Gerbils (KY)

BWC's SRG's Tasca-1 yr Silver Nutmeg F
Shown by Libby Hanna of Shawsheen River Gerbils (MA)
Bred by Jo Kelley of BWC Gerbils (KY)

ABC's Prarie Dog—1.5 yr CPN M
Bred and shown by Donna Anastasi of ABC Gerbils (NH)

MS's Promise----1 yr Nutmeg F
Shown and bred by KJ Johnson of MoonStone Gerbils (MA)

MS's Crystal
Shown and bred by KJ Johnson of MoonStone Gerbils (MA)


Pet Photo Contest Results

"Peoples Choice"

  1st Place
  2nd Place   3rd Place


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