Annual 2012 New England

 American Gerbil Society (AGS) Gerbil Show

Nashua, NH May 18-19, 2012

This years show we went back to the Holiday Inn in Nashua, NH.

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 Gerbil Chew Toys, Gerbil Agility Equipment Knitted Gerbils, Bale of Aspen, 10 gallon tank full of goodies

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Favorite Show Moments (from the AGS Yahoo Group)

Im on a greyhound returning to Ohio to meet diane and pick up my traveling gerbils :) I want to say I am deeply touched and forever grateful to my wonderful AGS family who stepped in to help me out at this show in a difficult time.

Diane, you and your sister and Steve and family were so awesome in caring for the car and gerbils and bringing them to the show....I had so much fun hanging out in ohio and esp gotta check out that great pie restaurant again!!!

Libby, words cant express all there was to our week of adventure, but dull it was not! you brought the history of boston alive for me, michele and cory (ok maybe cory wasnt as interested :)) but we had so much fun being able to just enjoy Boston instead of rushing in and out sleepless in a nameless hotel for another show and rushing here and there. You and Steve were terriffic and I really had a blast and felt very welcomed and had a great time we will get you the proper costume and perhaps move you up to goose riding.....

Michele, as always, you were awesome at the show and so helpful to me (and everyone else, buzzing around :) ....loved hanging out in boston w/ you and at the show too....thanks for stepping in wherever you were needed and thank you and cory for coming all the way to NE and jumping in, sans gerbils of your own! Next time we gotta try to coordinate the amtrak vs train vs sure we were chasing each other all over between omaha and boston on the rails and roads! sorry gonna miss yall but safe journeys gettin in on tues.....hopefully I ll be in and outta there...see you in the fall!!!

As always, the show was amazing and a i had a blast..i think we all enjoyed taking it a lil easier this time around.....and having a lil more time to bond and get to know each other.

everyone jumped in where needed and took over multiple duties..too many to name here but all was noticed and appreciated. we continue to grow as a family and in educating the public about our furry lil friends...the shows couldnt happen w/o everyones attendance and help!

Thank you Donna and libby for putting on the show, thank you judges, thank you long time AGS members, and too all our newest addtions, please come again!

AGS show secretary
BWC gerbils


It was a really great show! Starting with the beautiful whether and all the people who traveled on planes, trains, automobiles and even motorcyles to make it. Everyone pitched in with exhibits, pet class (the 4-H and Caroline Hanna youth support was awesome!), judging, merchandise, raffle, judging, etc. I've never has so much time in New England to enjoy the show and actually talk to people. The agility demo was very fun and Marvel did not choke despite the crowd add all my childre helpers. I'm excited to try out the new agility piece that Diane's father made. The one thing I forgot to do was barter with KJ for her left over tube toys - darn!

If you haven't seen the Facebook for AGS Members pictures, take a look. It tells the story nicely. My favorite is Libby riding the...oh wait I won't ruin the surprise.

I think this was the first show that was 100% gerbils. Even though I wanted to show off my BTJ and Lucy the chinchilla was begging to go - I had no more room in to bring them.

ABC Gerbils

I want to chime in too, to say what a marvelous show it was and how much fun I had. I don't think there was a single member there who didn't work hard to make it an incredible show. Our big judging team of Donna, Amy,  KJ, Leigh and Cory finished up the job in record time, and our wonderful  youth judge Caroline, our eager 4-H kids Jeanette, Devin and Susan, and Beth Taylor as our new Pet Class I judge kept our younger and newer visitors both entertained and educated. We had one of the best and most thorough Health Inspections ever thanks to Michele's gate-keeping. Thanks to our stalwart HI team of Rebecca, Michele, Cory, Amy, Donna and our newest inspector, Jennie Payne. Who knew how much fun you could have in HI collecting samples?

Jo Kelley as always had every detail straight with more than a hundred gerbils being judged. Many thanks to Bill Kemp for holding down the show floor and keeping everything running smoothly all day. Diane did a fantastic job with so many of the fun things about a gerbil show: the
raffle, auction, photo contest and of course the handy programs to keep us on track. We had so many fantastic exhibits, and a great turnout by our many members new and old.

I am always afraid to write these thank-you's for fear I've left someone out. If I did, be assured it means you did your job beautifully!

Now, about that photo...



I had such an amazing time at the gerbil show this year.  I can honestly say that this the first group that I feel like I belong to and feel welcome in.  I loved seeing the friends I made last year and making new friends this year.  I brought home some lovely gerbils this year and I love them dearly already!  Thank you Rebecca Azer for the burmese and pink eyed white pups.  I named the white one Frosty and the Burmese is Kindle.

Thank you Jennie Payne for allowing me to adopt the gray agouti pup who won 1st place in the pup class.  We ended up naming him Indigo and he makes a lovely addition to our clan.  What a sweet boy he is!!!

Can't wait for the next show we go to which will mostly likely be the one in the spring or the midatlantic show.  We'll see!



NE SHOW 2012-Nashua, NH Results

1st 13 wk Grey Agouti M shown by Jennie Payne (MA)
2nd 10 wk HC M shown by Leigh Dibden of Gerbils by Leigh (MA)
3rd 13 wk Mot Siamese M shown by Jo Kelley of Black Wolf Clan (KY)
Honorable Mention (HM) 10 wk Mot Black M Jo

SELF (Pink/Red Eyed)
1st 1 yr PEW F shown by Libby Hanna of Shawsheen River Gerbils (MA)
2nd 1 yr Lilac M shown by Diane Nott (OH)

3rd 1 yr Lilac M shown -- Diane

SELF (Blue/Black F)
1st 6 mo Blue F shown by Donna Anastasi of ABC Gerbils (NH)
2nd 1 yr Blue F Libby
3rd 2 yr Black F Donna

SELF (Other)
1st 1 yr Nutmeg M shown by Kaitlyn Brodeur (RI)
2nd 2 yr Black M Donna
3rd 1.5 yr SN M Donna
HM 1.5 yr Nutmeg M--Jo

1st 9 mo Grey Agouti M Jo
BOS 9 mo DEH F -- BWC's Breckinridge "Brekka"
************BEST IN SHOW*********************
**Shown and bred by Jo Kelley of Black Wolf Clan (KY)**
2nd 6 mo Agouti F -- Libby
3rd 1 yr Argente F Diane
HM 1 yr Argente F Diane

1st 6 mo Burmese F Libby
2nd 1.5 yr Burmese M Donna
3rd 6 mo Siamese F Libby

1st 2 yr HC M ABC's Parade Patchwork
**************BEST OF OPP SEX************************
******Shown by Donna Anastasi of ABC Gerbils (NH)********
*******Bred by Rebecca Azer of Gerbil Parade (MA)
BOS 1 yr Schimmel F Donna
2nd 2 yr HC M shown by Judi Poirier of J & Em Gerbils (MA/MT)
3rd 9 mo HC M Jo

1st 2 yr Agouti Spot M Donna
2nd 1 yr CPN Spot F Leigh
3rd 9 mo DEH Spot M Jo

1st 1 yr Pied Agouti M shown by Rebecca Azer of Gerbil Parade (MA)
BOS 1 yr Pied Agouti F Leigh
2nd 2 yr Pied Burmese M -- Parade's Anthony
************CHAMPIONSHIP EARNED**************
******Parade's Anthony---2 yr Pied Burmese M********
***Shown and bred by Rebecca Azer of Gerbil Parade (MA)*
3rd 2 yr Pied Burmese F Rebecca
HM 1.5 yr Agouti Pied M Judi

1st 6 mo Mot Black F Donna
BOS 4 mo Mot Black M Rebecca
2nd 1 yr Mot Black F Leigh
3rd 6 mo Mot Black F Libby

MOTTLED (Not black)
1st 1 yr Mot Agouti F Jo
BOS 9 mo Mot Red Fox M Jo
2nd 4 mo Mot Nutmeg F Jo
3rd 2 yr Mot Blue F Libby

1st 3 yr Agouti M Diane

BOS 2.5 yr DTW F Libby
2nd 3 yr Blue M Libby
3rd 2. 5 yr CPN M shown by Marcella Kamishlian (MA)

Breeders color certificate earned:

*Libby Hanna of Shawsheen River Gerbils (MA) for Spot
*Katie Johnson of Moonstone Gerbils (MA) for Mottled

Other awards: 10 year Service Pins
**The following members were recognized for ten plus years service in the AGS (not only for attending shows all over the country at least once a year and
serving as mentors within the AGS, but also volunteering countless hours serving as Judges, Health Inspectors, Show Secretary and Registrar, Show Coordinators,
and Board Members to say the least):



9 mo DEH F -- BWC's Breckinridge "Brekka"
Shown and bred by Jo Kelley of Black Wolf Clan Gerbils (KY)


2 yr Honey Cream M --- ABC's Parade Patchwork
Shown by Donna Anastasi of ABC Gerbils (NH)
Bred by Rebecca Azer of Gerbil Parade (MA)


*Parade's Anthony---2 yr Pied Burmese M
Shown and bred by Rebecca Azer of Gerbil Parade (MA)


Pet Photo Contest Results

"Peoples Choice"

  1st Place
  2nd Place   3rd Place


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