Annual 2010 New England

 American Gerbil Society (AGS) Gerbil Show

Nashua, New Hampshire, April 30 & May 1, 2010

This years show we went back to the Holiday Inn in Nashua, NH.

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Items that will be up for Raffle or Auction at the Show

2010 Gerbil Calendar donated by Judith of Knolls Gerbils

Laser Etched Gerbil Glasses. Knitted Necklace & Knitted Gerbil, Stack of Gerbil Care Books

Wall Hanging, Gift Certificates, Gerbil Goodie Treat Bag, Cute Gerbil Tote, Gerbil Tote Bag, Gerbil Watercolor Painting

Press Stories and Videos on the Gerbil Show

The Gerbil Forum
Nashua Telegraph April 30, 2010

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Heavenly Heart Gerbilry
ABC Gerbils
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Gerbil Show Videos

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White Belly Class

Other Class

Pup Class

Self Class

Mottled (Sorry no video. Camera battery out)

Senior Class & Colorpoint

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  Pet Class 1 Judging | Gerbils Races 1 | Gerbil Races 2 | Pet Class Mock Show | Cute Gerbil at the Show | People's Choice

Favorite Show Moments (from the AGS Yahoo Group)

Laugh: Up Bambi, Up!! Ha ha - unbelievable (Rebecca W.'s trained shoulder sitting gerbil)

"He made Massachusetts!" - amazing, but he really did (gnawed out of red construction paper and rescued just in time by a child visitor).

Cry: Someone put the sweetest rat write-up next to the "rodent round-up" exhibit rat cage.

I wanted to pass around the happy news that we have a new certified AGS judge and our very first Mid-Atlantic region judge: Rebecca Ward.

"Well, it's official! My little guy is definitely molting and he's a schimmel! It kind of cute that I have two pups who started orange and are in the process of molting, one molting in black ticking and one molting in white fur. I also have settled on names for my boys. The nutmeg is Mat, the mottled black is Perrin, and the schimmel is Rand. All three of them and Rafe seem quite happy. They shredded 4 or 5 toilet paper tubes but the box is hardly touched because they love it as a nest! And they all sleep together!"

"Is Bambi the one who got an Honorable Mention ribbon for climbing up and sittingon my shoulder (repeatedly) during his judging?" (I remember watching that.)

NE SHOW 2010-Nashua NH Results

PUP A – Spot/Pied/Mottled

1st 8 wk old Agouti Spot M shown by Donna Anastasi of ABC Gerbils (NH)
BOS 7 wk Mot CPS F shown by Chris Vrba of Autumnglory Gerbils (CT)
2nd 10 wk Mot Lilac M shown by Tracy Kukkonen of Oishii Gerbils (MA)
3rd 11 wk Mot CPS M - Chris

PUP B Fox/Nutmeg Colors

1st 9 wk DEH F shown by Judi Poirier of J and Em Gerbils (MA)
2nd 11 wk DEH M - Tracy
3rd 12 wk Red Fox M shown by Jo Kelley of Black Wolf Clan Gerbils (KY)

PUP C Other

1st 13 wk SN M -- Jo
2nd 6 wk Siamese M shown by Rebecca Azer of Gerbil Parade (MA)
3rd 11 wk Dove M – Donna

SELF Other

1st 1 yr Lilac M – Rebecca A
*******************BEST OF OPP SEX-- Parade's ABCPlush**************************
******************Shown by Rebecca Azer of Parade Gerbils(MA)**********************
*******************Bred by Donna Anastasi of ABC Gerbils(NH)***********************
BOS 1.5 yr Lilac F shown by Maggie Dineen (MA)
2nd 1.5 yr PEW M - Judi
3rd 1 yr PEW M -- Judi

SELF Nutmeg

1st 1 yr Nutmeg M - Donna
BOS 1.5 yr Nutmeg F shown by Leah Seery of Sunset Starlet Gerbils (MI)
2nd 2 yr Nutmeg M -- Jo
3rd 1 yr Nutmeg M—Donna

SELF Black

1st 1.5 yr Black M shown by Emily Poirier of Galaxy Gerbils (MA)
BOS 1 yr Black F - Donna
2nd 1 yr Black M - Donna
3rd 1 yr Black M - Jo

Honorable Mention (HM)- 1.5 yr black F -- Emily

SELF Red Fox

1st 4 mo Red Fox F -- Donna
2nd 1.5 yr Red Fox F- Chris
rd 1 yr Red Fox M – Rebecca A


1st 1 yr Agouti M shown by Diane Nott of Heavenly Heart Gerbilry (OH)

2nd 1.5 yr Agouti M - Emily
3rd 1 yr Agouti M - Tracy


1st 6 mo Polar Fox F shown by Rebecca Ward (VA)
2nd 1 yr Grey agouti M shown by Libby Hanna of Shawsheen River Gerbils (MA)
3rd 1 yr DEH M shown by Sadie Courser of Jammin' Gerbils (NH)


**1st 6 mo Burmese F shown & bred by Katie Johnson of Moonstone Gerbils (MA)***
******************BEST IN SHOW-- MS's Lily of the Valley******************
2nd 1 yr Burmese Female - Donna
3rd 1 yr Siamese M - Chris


1st 1 yr Honey Cream M -- Judi
2nd 6 mo Schimmel M – Rebecca W
3rd 9 mo Schimmel M – Rebecca W

SPOT Males

1st 6 mo Argente Spot M – Rebecca W
2nd 2 yr Nutmeg Spot M – Jo
3rd 1 yr Black Spot M - Emily

SPOT Females

1st 2 yr Siamese Spot F - Emily
2nd 6 mo SN Spot F – Rebecca W
3rd 6 mo Burmese Spot F – Katie J


1st 2 yr Pied CPS M - Katie
BOS 6 mo Pied Grey Agouti F - Katie
2nd 1 yr Pied Nutmeg M - Leah
3rd 1.5 CPA Pied -- Katie


1st 2 yr Mot Argente F shown by Holly Bowers of Harlies Gerbils (MA)
2nd 1 yr Mot Black F - Donna
3rd 9 mo Mot Black F – Katie


1st 2 yr Mot Black M - Judi
2nd 2 yr Mot Argente M - Emily
3rd 2 yr Mot black M - Emily
HM – 1 yr Mot Black M -- Emily
HM – 1.5 yr Mot black M - Katie


1st 2.5 yr Mot Agouti F - Judi
BOS 2.5 yr Mot black M - Diane

2nd 3 yr Mot Black M - Leah
3rd 3 yr Pied Red Fox M - Judi

MS's Lily of the Valley--6 mo Burmese F
Shown & bred by Katie Johnson of Moonstone Gerbils (MA)


Parade's ABC Plush--1 yr Lilac M
Shown by Rebecca Azer of Parade Gerbils (MA)
Bred by Donna Anastasi of ABC Gerbils (NH)

MS's Lily of the Valley
6 mo Burmese F
Shown & bred by Katie Johnson of Moonstone Gerbils (MA)

BWC'S Kyle
2 yr Nutmeg Spot M
Shown and bred by Jo Kelley of Black Wolf Clan Gerbils (KY)

JEM's Panda
2.5 yr Mot Agouti F
Shown and Bred by Judi Poirier of J and Em Gerbils (MA)

Parade's ABC Plush
1 yr Lilac M
Shown by Rebecca Azer of Parade Gerbils (MA)
Bred by Donna Anastasi of ABC Gerbils (NH)

ABC's Magic Moon
1 yr Black F
Shown and bred by Donna Anastasi of ABC Gerbils (NH)
JEM's Some Kind of Wonderful

1.5 yr Black M
Bred by Judi Poirier of J and Em Gerbils (MA)
Shown by Emily Poirier of Galaxy Gerbils (MA)

MS Gus
1 yr CPA Spot M
Shown & bred by Katie Johnson of Moonstone Gerbils (MA)


**Note: This is the first time that a Grand Championship has been awarded in AGS History. This award is presented to a gerbil who has already earned a championship and who also has at least three Champion first and/or second
generation offspring.

BWC's Kadence "Kaden"
Silver Nutmeg Spot F
Bred and Shown by Jo Kelley of BWC Gerbils (KY)

Squeaks' DSG's Herman
Shown by Kylee Dickey of Twin Squeaks (NE)
Bred by Michelle Rush of Double Star Gerbils (NE)

The following offspring of Herman and Kaden qualified them for their Grand Championships:

BWC's Keepsake "Keegan"—Silver Nutmeg Male
BWC's Jaden-Silver Nutmeg Spot Female
BWC's Kyle—Nutmeg Spot Male

Pet Photo Contest Results

"Peoples Choice"

  1st Place
  2nd Place   3rd Place

Raffle Winners



Photo Courtesy of Joanne Nott

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