Annual 2008 New England

 Amercian Gerbil Society (AGS) Gerbil Show

Nashua, New Hampshire, May 17, 2008

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NE SHOW 2008-Nashua NH Results

First: 2 yr old HC M -Christine Stys of Story Book Gerbils (NH)
Second: 2 yr old Silver Point F -Libby Hannah of Shawsheen River Gerbils (MA)
Third: 5 mo old HC M -Jo Kelley of Black Wolf Clan Gerbils (MO)

First: 2.5 yr old Mot Black F -Donna Anastasi of ABC Gerbils (NH)
******ABC's Every Piece in Place "Puzzle"***
Second: 2.5 yr old CPGA Spot M-Jenn Bell of Dragon ClanGerbils (MA)
Third: 2.5 yr old Burmese F-Libby

First: 1.5 yr old Mot Black M-Donna
Second: 1.5 yr old Mot Black M-Janice Bourell of Holmden Hill Haven (OH)
Third: 7 mo old Mot Black M ľKelly Johnson of Garden of Eden Gerbils (WI)

First: 7 mo old Mot Burmese F-Kelly
Second: 1.5 yr old Mot Burmese M-Kylee Dickey of Twin Squeaks (NE)
Third: 3 mo old Mot Agouti F -Emily Poirer of Galaxy Gerbils (MA)

First: 6 mo old Pied Black M-Christine S
BOS: 1 yr old Pied Burmese F-Emily
Second: 7 mo old Pied Burmese M-Janice
Third: 1 yr Pied RF M-Judi Poirier of J and Em Gerbils (MA)

First: 1 yr old SN Spot F-Jo
*****BWC's Kadence "Kaden"*******************
Second: 5 mo old SN Spot F-Jo
Third: 5 mo old Nutmeg Spot M-Kylee

First: 6 mo old Agouti Spot M-Judi
BOS: 6 mo old Burmese Spot F-Kelly
Second: 5 mo old Black Spot F-Janice
Third: 1 yr old Agouti Spot M-Shaina Newcomb of Little Whiskers (NH)

First: 1 yr old Burmese M-Katie Anastasi of Cute N Cuddly (NH)
Second: 1.5 yr Burmese F-Donna
Third: 1.5 yr old Burmese M-Tracy Kukkonen of Oishii Gerbils (MA)

First: 1 yr old Siamese M-Emily
Second: 1 yr old Siamese M-Rebecca Azer of Gerbil Parade (MA)
Third: 1.5 yr old Siamese M-Donna

First: 1.5 yr old CPGA M-Kelly
*******Best In Show and Champion***********
*******GEG's MB's Adam*******************
Second: 1.5 yr old CPN F-Donna
Third: 5 mo old CPGA-Janice

First: 1.5 yr old RF M-Donna
******** ABC's Ace of Hearts****************
Second: 1.5 yr old Lilac F-Katie
********** CNC's Pocahontas****************
Third: 1 yr old RF M-Jo

First: 1 yr old SN M-Shaina
Second: 1 yr Nutmeg M-Judi
Third: 5 mo old SN M-Jo

First: 3 mo old PEW F-Rebecca
Second: 1.5 yr old Black F-Katie
Third: 6 mo old Black F-Katie

WB/Argente Golden/Argente Cream/Yellow Fox:
First: 1 yr old Argente M-Emily
Second: 1 yr old Argente M-Rebecca
Third: 6 mo old Argente F-Christine S

First: 1.5 yr old Agouti M-Libby
Second: 6 mo old Agouti F-Katie
Third: 6 mo old Agouti M-Christine

First: 2 yr old DEH M-Kylee
******** Squeaks' DSG's Herman******
BOS: 1 yr old Grey Agouti F-Libby
Second: 6 mo old DEH M-Emily
Third: 5 mo old PF F-Janice

First: 11 wk old Grey Agouti M-Jo
BOS: 12 wk old Argente F-Emily
**********Best Opp Sex********************
**********Parade's Deanna*****************
Second: 12 wk old Argente M-Christine S
Third: 11 wk old PEW M-Judi

First: 6 wk old Siamese Spot F-Emily
BOS: 9 wk old Agouti Spot M-Kelly
Second: 10 wk old PF Spot M -Christine
Third: 8 wk old Burmese Spot M-Colleen & Taylor Doherty (MA)

First: 7 wk old Mot Black F- Christine
Second: 10 wk old Mot Black M-Judi
Third: 11 wk old Mot Agouti M-Libby

GEG's MB's Adam, a 1.5 year old CPGA M
Shown by Kelly Johnson of Garden of Eden Gerbils in WI
Bred by Michelle Inman of Maestro's Brood in IL

Parade's Deanna, a 12 wk old Argente F
Shown by Emily Poirier of Galaxy Gerbils in MA
Bred by Rebecca Azer of Gerbil Parade in MA

6 AGS Championships earned:
Note: a gerbil must receive at least 8 points total under 2 different
judges during its show career in order to retire as a Champion.

GEG's MB's Adam, a 1.5 year old CPGA M
Shown by Kelly Johnson of Garden of Eden Gerbils in WI
Bred by Michelle Inman of Maestro's Brood in IL

BWC's Kadence "Kaden", a one year old SN Spot F
Bred and Shown by Jo Kelley of Black Wolf Clan in MO

Squeaks' DSG's Herman, a 2 year old DEH M
Shown by Kylee Dickey of Twin Squeaks in NE
Bred by Michele Rush of Double Star Gerbils in NE

ABC's Every Piece in Place "Puzzle", a 2.5 year old Mot Black F
Bred and Shown by Donna Anastasi of ABC Gerbils in NH

ABC's Ace of Hearts, a 1.5 yr old RF M
Bred and Shown by Donna Anastasi of ABC Gerbils in NH

CNC's Pocahontas, 1.5 yr old Lilac F
Bred and Shown by Kate Anastasi of CNC Gerbils in NH

Pet Photo Contest Results

"Peoples Choice": 1st Place went to Diane Nott with this picture

AGS Youth Judges choose this Picture submitted by Sky Weir.

Go Here to see all the entries.

Gerbil Olympics

Lucy Casey's gerbil, HHH's "Phiick", 2nd Place - chewing contest

Silent Auction Winners

Raffle Winners

Lucy Casey - 10 gallon tank w/water bottle

Gavin Casey - Donna's Book on Gerbil Care signed and a magnet

If you won a silent auction or raffle item and/or has any AGS Show Photos, videos or links, Email me.

Click here if you have any problem seeing any of my photo albums.



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